Monday, December 29, 2008

Blessed be the socks.

So I have this friend who, months ago, promised to send me stuff. The promise was extra DVDs that showed up at a pawnshop, and would be shipped for me to do with as I please. The box of DVDs never arrived, and I gave up on them.

Surprise, surprise! I was awaken at 11:00 AM today by a UPS deliveryman with a large box. I scratched my head in wonder, especially when the box was somewhat heavy. Minutes later, I found out why. The box was not only filled with DVDs, but also several pairs of jeans and, gods above and below, a package of socks!

I couldn't help but smile. My perpetual search for socks is doomed to the fact that I wear them to death. Throw away socks because they have a tiny hole in them? NOOOO! The hole must be HUGE before they are tossed out. And here was a package filled with gleaming while footwear. Oh, how I love my friends when they pay attention!

As for the jeans...Well, I'm afraid most of them are geared toward women, and none of them will fit me. I would have to hitch them up to my chest to ensure they don't drag on the ground. But they won't go to waste. Oh, no. I'll first check with neighbors to see if anyone needs them. If they don't, I'll donate them. Somewhere out there is a tall, needy woman who will subconsciously thank me for giving.

Of course, let us not forget the initial reason the package was sent. I went through the DVDs that arrived, stacking them one on top of the other on the floor beside me. When I was done, with my feet flat on the floor, that stack came to my knees. Some I want, some I don't, and others I've been longing to see.

In fact, one of them was a movie I went nuts trying to find a couple of months ago. I thought I was looking for Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Well, I found that one, watched it, and realized it wasn't the action movie I was looking for. Entertaining, nonetheless. No...What I was apparently searching for was Shoot 'Em Up. I watched it on my computer, and was entertained by the action that I'd been craving. No Academy Award winner, but it wasn't bad. This morning, as I picked through the package of goodies, there it was. I laughed, as I'd gone insane trying to remember the name of the movie at one time. And there it was, with Clive Owen looking ready to blow my head off from the DVD case.

In all, 34 DVDs arrived. Eight of them are either duplicates or things I'd seen and didn't really like. The other 28 are movies I've wanted to see, have seen and loved, or owned at one time and had to sell them to survive.

For those who think for one moment that I'm celebrating a box of toys, I'd like to correct you. The physical things are great, but it's what the gift represents that makes me happiest. A friend cared. A friend didn't forget a promise. What I received was a box filled with friendship, and it was beautiful.

The friend's name is being withheld so as to protect his generosity. If every needy soul started asking for help from one person, that person may well go mad trying to help the world.

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