Friday, December 26, 2008

Heads up!

Y'know the way there's a separation of Church and State in the government? So should there be a separation of politics and everything else in my life. Posts about "Bor for Prez" are serious rants with a somewhat silly title. And each title really doesn't tell you what the topic is about, other than my lunatic desires to run for office. I need a spot to put that stuff, so others who like coming to my blog without having to face political stuff can arrive here in comfort.

My new blog is That's where the politics will happen. If you want to join in my ideas, in debates, or in general support, that's where to go.

I chose the domain name as a joke of my real name. Rob is my first name, and to rob someone is a felony. Meadows is my last name, and also a bunch of green fields. Why search for a name when the odds of "felonygreenfield" being taken are nil? In fact, I may try to push that as my Secret Service code name. I can see it now as an agent moves his wrist to his mouth to say, "Felony is on the move."

Anyway, I thought I should let folks know that my political babbling will be elsewhere, and would like you to head over there if you are so inclined.

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