Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...and have a nice day!

It seems that every third of the month, when I have to go out and run my monthly errands, including the paying of my rent, I have some kind of adventure with humans. Today, I ran into an incredibly angry woman, and I believe I made her angrier by being polite.

It starts with the fact that I'd been on my feet for an hour already, and was hobbling along without my cane. The pain I was in resulted in an unsteady gait. Personally, I thought I'd be able to make it without my cane today, as it was fairly warm. In retrospect, I should've brought it with me.

I was off to grab my monthly supplies at Wal-Mart, walking outside the mall, when I had the following encounter. Mind you, this woman started yelling at me as she approached, yelled more when we were side by side, and continued yelling after she'd passed me. I, in turn, kept my tone exceedingly pleasant.

Her: Go sleep it off!
Me: Excuse me?
Her: You're drunk! You're staggering all over the place!
Me: Ma'am, I'm disabled and have a problem with my feet.
Her: You're a lying bum!
Me: Well, I want to thank you for your input. Have a nice day.
Her: (exploding with sarcasm) "Have a nice day!"
Me: (muttering to myself) And thank you for being so unkind and inconsiderate.

She's lucky I vowed long ago to use my powers for good, because the parking lot was full of cars I could've thrown at her.

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