Friday, March 20, 2009

Message received...

Ummm...That is, the lack of messages and responses is understood...I think.

I was told some time ago that my perpetual complaining about one issue or another becomes an irritation. People grow tired of hearing about my problems. I honestly wish I didn't have any problems to report. I'd rather be posting that I'm as well as can be expected, and the good deeds I've done here are there.

Instead, I'm sick. (Yeah, I'm sure you're shocked to hear that.) I'm also completely broke. (Yeah, another surprise.) So I'm over here, now dealing with a perpetual wave of nausea I can't shake, with no way to even buy over-the-counter meds to help with that, and a single box of Pop-tarts for food. And, apparently, no one wants to hear it...

So...ummm...Yeah, no one has offered any aid of any kind. I have nothing left to sell to get a little cash. I feel like garbage all the time, and my pleas to the medical community to hospitalize me for a few days to clear up my immediate health issues has also fallen on deaf ears. So that guy everyone knew who was so willing to help others...? Y'know...the one who both publicly and privately listened endlessly to the problems of others and offered what advice he could? He's in no shape to help, and no one wants to hear his woes, apparently. I tried to ask the many for aid, and "the none" said anything at all. Is it selfish? Probably. But being as sick as I have been has only inspired a growing depression, and the growing silence has me sinking deeper.

If anyone at all is reading this, I'm actually crying over the fact that my life has found a way to become crappier than it already was.

I guess until I miraculously feel better, or someone who can help actually does so, I think I'll just shut the hell up.

This is Rob, AKA "Bor," signing off.

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Willem said...

Bor, I listen.
And it frustrates me that I can't help you.
If I could, I'd send money. But I can't, or better said, I'm not allowed to use things such as paypal and that.

Hang in there Bor,
I realize that it may be crappy now. But I care, and I'm certain that around us, others care also.

Please listen to your own words? Be well.