Friday, April 24, 2009

Grumbles and addiction

*grumble grumble grumble* foot hurts *grumble grumble grumble*. I just woke up, and my right foot is complaining via nerve conduction that it doesn't want to do anything today. That's unfortunate, because if I don't get that blood work done today, Dr. M definitely won't have the results come the 29th. Looks like I may need the cane today.

Meanwhile, Arguskos commented on my last post, and I figured I'd go on about my new JoCo addiction. These are the tunes I was able to find on YouTube and found myself drawn to them. IT's hard to call just one song a favorite, so in no particular order...

1. Re: Your Brains - This, as for many, was my introduction to JC. Zombies had once again entered a GitP conversation, and someone linked to the video made by Spiffworld. I was greatly amused and started clicking more links. I was hooked.

2. Code Monkey - Is there anyone who doesn't like Code Monkey?

3. Skullcrusher Mountain - So you're an evil genius, and your assistant Scarface abducts pretty girls and brings them home. Most amusing is the verse about the gift "you" make for your latest abductee, and ask, "What's with all the screaming?" I was most amused.

4. The Future Soon - This has to be the theme song of all geeks around the world. All those cliques that formed in high school, and it's usually the geeks who come out on top. I mean, Bill Gates came close to building a "warrior robot race"...but only got as far as the programming, Windows.

5. Shop Vac - A rockin' tune about suburban angst. Spiffworld made it both amusing and sad. This song fills a need within me for rock-n-roll.

6. Chiron Beta Prime - I tell ya, there's nothing quite as wonderful as spending the holidays as a prisoner on an asteroid with a bunch of killer robots. And those soylent green wafers aren't bad with a little Cheese Whiz.

7. Betty and Me - This is just one of those funny tunes that deserves a chuckle or two after you've actually paid attention to the lyrics.

8. The Big Boom - According to a bit of reading I've done, JoCo wrote this song in reference to an experience he had with unusually loud thunder. Me? I keep seeing Tom Cruise fleeing giant tripod alien craft.

9. Tom Cruise Crazy - Speaking of Tom, this one actually grew on me. It actually helped that Spiff made an amusing video to go with the amusing song.

10: I Fell Fantastic - Okay, this song is practically my theme song. "What's that? I have an problem? No worries...I have a pill for that." I pop the pills all day, be they painkillers, anti-anxiety meds, cholesterol control, anti-depressants...But a part of me wishes there really was a "steak tastes better pill."

11. That Spells DNA - Believe it or not, it's the title of the song that reminds me of when I was on a Gregory McDonald kick when I was younger. His character, Fletch, finds two men in his apartment, and they claim to be the FBI. Fletch's response was, "Could you spell that?" Kind of nice to have a song bring back a memory from decades ago that wasn't unpleasant.

12. The Presidents - This song brings back memories of the 70's and Saturday morning cartoons. I mean, it could have been a School House Rock song, if not for some of the,
"James Monroe told Europe they could suck it," and "Wilson kicked some ass in World War I." Somehow, I don't think parents would have been pleased by their children wandering around the house singing such things.

13. Podsafe Christmas - There are so many aspects of this song that are amusing that I could go on and on about it. In my head, of course, I get an image of Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks shouting, "Jezuz, what?!?"

14. You Ruined Everything - The video I found of this song is JoCo performing live, and it's just a sweet song about becoming a parent. It speaks to my unfulfilled paternal instincts.

15. Big Bad World One - Yes, I found a video for this one, and the song is actually rather depressing. I'm reminded of potential romances that slipped away because I was afraid of one word: no. When I hear the song, I'm reminded of this absolutely beautiful young woman that works at the nearby Chinese restaurant. Really, she is the most stunning female I've seen in some time. Alas, she's 21 and I'm 41. I haven't been there in over a year, actually, but when I would see her, I always felt like an utter moron when I'd try to speak to her. She's perfect and I'm a troll. And, oddly, this is probably my favorite song by JC, probably because it gives me a valid reason to be depressed.

*grumble grumble grumble* foot STILL hurts *grumble grumble grumble*. I started writing this post an hour ago, and my painkillers are working. I can feel that funky feeling that comes with them, and I'm still in a lot of pain. This is not good.

Oh...Before I hobble off and try to get myself functional enough to get my blood drawn, I've been failing to mention a new problem I've been having. My skin has become so dry that it's been cracking and bleeding! Dr. M has recommended something called "Udderly Smooth" to address the problem. I'm waiting for the aid sent by friends to buy it, but while I was at my pharmacy the other day, I paused to see if they have it. They do, and I paused further to read the label. I then brought the small tub to the pharmacist to ask if this was a joke product. Why? Because the first line in the instruction for use begins, "Wash udder and teat parts thoroughly..."

This is Bor the Barbarian Moo signing off.


ghost_warlock said...

This is ghost_warlock from GitP. I've been on pseudo-lurk mode there for a while now, since my cousin re-installed my WoW addiction. XD Anyway, I was browsing the forums and I realized you hadn't posted in a while so I figured I'd chance down your blog and see what's going on in Borworld(TM).

I'll admit some JoCo love, too. I think Mandelbrot Set is my favorite, even though I've always been terrible at math. Although I'm not currently on any medications, I, also, wish there really was a Steak Tastes Better pill. =)

Sorry to hear things have been going pretty much as-usual for you. =( I hope everything went well with the blood draw, though.

I guess what I really want to say is that we over at GitP haven't forgotten about you and miss you. We understand your need to take some time away to get some things done (pretty much all of us have to do so from time to time). We'll happily welcome you back when you're ready to pay us a visit again. =D

Katrascythe said...

I'm a bit slot to notice anything XD. Thanks for the shoutout in your previous post. Also, a few members of my family use udder balm. It's actually pretty amazing stuff. It really helps with things like eczema (which my mother has).

As for JoCo, as long as people remind me of the things he's written (abysmal with names!) then I can safely say that I love his stuff! Code Monkey is probably my favorite, always brings a smile to my face.