Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silent Running

Okay, faithful readers and friends...Something has come up that needs immediate attention. I have been open and honest about so much that one would consider incredibly private, but this one stays close to the chest. No, I'm not in any kind of legal trouble, nor has my physical or mental health taken a greater turn for the worse. If anything, the project I'm undertaking will hopefully improve my health. But it's something I need to do alone, and isolating myself more than usual is somewhat required. I'll be home, my phone turned off, with me in bed and sleeping my way through that which would be a nightmare if I was awake all the time. My current plan is for approximately four days of sleeping as much as possible, but the whole journey (in which I actually go nowhere) may take a week or two. So don't fret over my silence.

For those who pray regularly, pray for my health. Pray that I have strength. Pray that when this ordeal is over, I will be a better man for what I have done. For while I slumber, know that all of my friends and family will drift through my unconscious mind, and I will be pray that you all BE WELL!

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