Saturday, May 30, 2009

OMG! WTH? This Pwnz!

It seems only right that I oppose yesterday's post with one that demonstrates a literal reversal in fortune.

You see, I didn't actually ask for help yesterday. All I did was complain that my money was gone. I did some math after that post, and I can now see where the money went. I am notorious for cutting what corners I can when it comes to my diet and money. Mainly, the most important meal of the day - that would be breakfast, for those who don't know - is abandoned for a few cups of coffee, usually taken with a couple of pieces of cheese. Technically, I'm still following my diet. The creamer I use counts not only as the fats written in the schedule, but carbohydrates. Yes, my children...Mile products actually count as a bread on the American Diabetes Association exchange diet. (I was going to write "ADA," but I don't want folks thinking my diet came fro the American Dental Association.) But for a month, I ate three meals a day instead of two, delving into my "twigs and nuts" as snacks when my stomach rumbled between meals.

An extra meal a day isn't enough to explain where all the money went. I...ummm...Well, I was dumb. Instead of buying generic food at every turn, I bought some name brand stuff.

What's sad is that this was my way of "treating" myself. I didn't get a cell phone. I didn't order up satellite TV. I bought no movies or CDs. All I did...was eat a little better. Usually when I say that, it means I ate out a few times. But I steered clear of any restaurants, even the one's that surround my apartment complex.

Okay...I got my meds, specifically my psych meds, and started them yesterday. (Let's have a big round of applause for the emotional roller coaster I've jumped on.) The pharmacy manager at the chain pharmacy I go to was very understanding, and I believe he may have paid for them out of his own pocket come the end of his shift. (Company policy prevents him from doing so while on the clock.) Also, between the $4.43 still in my bank account, and a bowl full of small change I had, I was able to buy a loaf of bread, peanut butter, and two boxes of generic cereal. In other words, I have enough food to get me through the weekend.

Oh...Small note with that bowl of change. It had about $1.00 in dimes, $0.50 in nickels, and the rest in pennies. The machine that would have counted the change and given me a slip that would have allowed me to make a purchase was broken, so the market manager counted the money by hand! A task semi-impossible for me, as my hands would have started malfunctioning shortly after I tried. Mixed in the pile of coins was a genuine Buffalo Nickel! I have no idea how old it really is, as it's far from mint condition. Still, the manager saw it and immediately separated it. It turns out he's a coin collector, and told me that while the coin was probably not worth anything because of its condition, it was still a neat thing to have. He gave it to me, and converted the rest into an additional $4.00 I could spend. =)

Having taken survival measures, I figured I was good for the time being. I'd panic again on Monday, when the food was gone. But, no...I don't get to do that, because I have managed to find some of the most awesome friends on the Internet. One of these friends, who happened to know my PayPal account name, sent support funds! All I did was come along with yet another of my complaint sessions, and a friend steps forward with aid. It's a reminder that I know some of the best humans on the planet.

So, while I was filled to the brim with doom and gloom yesterday, I am chock full of glee today, knowing that in a days, hopefully by Monday, those funds will be in my bank account, I I won't have to fret my finances until the middle of next month.

And so, with help on its way, and me with my meds, I leave you for the moment with a hearty...BE WELL! =)

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