Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Presents for Nike and I

There's something to be said about a "care package." Even if what's inside isn't exactly what you needed or wanted, the very concept says, "Hey, buddy. Someone out there gives a damn." This afternoon, a package with that very message was received. Let's look inside the box of goodies and see what Rob got, shall we?

Nuts! No, literally. NUTS! Almonds, soy, and macadamia nuts! Mind you, I initially asked for only the soy and almonds. I won't call them the absolute, tastiest of all "twig food" one can eat, but they're not bad, AND they're good for you...especially me. The soy is a great source of iron. The almonds are a great source of potassium. Both are great sources of much needed fiber, especially when one considers the effects my meds can have on my digestive tract. The macadamia nuts are my...healthy sin. That is, they're better than downing chips or other high carb, high fat snacks.

Bonus points to the friend who sent the package, as all the nuts were salt-free! To a diabetic who is slowly advancing on the "extra special" complications of this disease, this is a good thing. Okay, so my taste buds aren't exploding with seasoned goodness, but it's better for me, and it's what I asked for. Nothing beats a grumbling tummy like a fistful of nuts, and that's what I got.

Hmmm...What else is in the wondrous package? Well, there was the sugar-free, powdered drink mixes...that I was apparently unclear about. At the start of the month, I get several canisters of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry or Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade. Each canister usually has six little tubs of powder, and each tub makes a half gallon of sugar-free drinkables. Due to a lack of clarity on my part, my friend sent individual packets that can be added to a bottle of water. And I think the Cran-Raspberry passed through a mystic portal, because it arrived as Cran-Grape.

None of this is not a problem, though. You see, the summer months are coming, and I usually burn through around $5 when I have to travel in triple-degree weather. Now I can save a little money by just getting a bottle of water and adding one of these packets to it. And I'll consider the Cran-Grape an experiment. If I like it, I'll add it to the list of drinkables that will make Arizona water somewhat tastier to drink.

Mach 3 razors. A package of five. G-d above, but the manly task of shaving can be costly. Because I only bother shaving every few days to save on these expensive blades, a package of five should last me three or four months. If I find a reason to shave more often, (like a girlfriend), my cheeks will once again be smooth and kissable.

Bandages! You folks should know by now that I tend to have entirely too many holes in my skin than desired. My skin has become extra dry due to the arid air here in AZ, as well as my diabetes. Your standard band-aid used on my legs has a bad habit of taking off more skin around a wound, making it a nightmare to deal with. So I suggested to my friend he send 3" x 3" gauze squares to help me tend these wounds. He sent 4" x 4".

Again, not a problem. You see, I can't tape the gauze down, so I use ace bandages. If used on my calf, they tend to start slipping. Large gauze means that if it slips, it'll still be covered. That works for me.

Q-tips! My battle with generic cotton applicators is always bothersome. They're too short, or they're made of plastic and can't handle the stress I sometimes use. Now I have a glorious package of 500! I think I may make new cuts on my legs and feet just so I can use them to apply antibiotic creams as soon as possible!

Okay...That's not gonna happen. But it's great to have such a sizable supply on hand.

Then there was the desperate plea for that which I ALWAYS seem to need: SOCKS! It's a rare moment when my feet are uncovered, even at home, and I go through socks faster than...something really fast. I told my friend I was in dire need, and I seem to recall being told two packages of socks were on their way. What I got were two pairs of socks.

Here's where I was mildly distressed. Despite my best efforts to tame the calluses on my feet, they wear through my socks rapidly. And two pairs of socks really isn't the same as two packages of socks. I was expecting 12 pairs and received two. Then I actually read the label on the socks. They are specifically designed for diabetics. Having seen such things sold elsewhere, my guess is my friend took out a small business loan to buy them. I don't know the cost of this specific brand, but I've seen diabetic socks priced as high as $10 a pair! Here's hoping they can survive my feet, as they are definitely an asset to my foot care.

What did Nike get from the care package? For those that have forgotten, Nike's favorite playthings tend to be trash. The box was filled with packing peanuts. Well, I don't need these things all over the apartment, so I folded the box's flaps in such a way as to keep the Styrofoam from getting all over the place. But this would not stop Nike. On, no. She would play with them, even if I tried to keep them away from her. Thus, she jumped on top of the box and had one of her front legs buried between the flaps up to her kitty shoulder in order to play with them. I eventually caved and removed a few for her to knock around the apartment, and she was in kitty heaven for a while.

Now for the crude humor. You see, my friend insured the package, probably because of the warning I gave about my neighbors. If one accepted the package, they would probably keep it. While I didn't get the actually message from my friend, I find it amusing that he could have said, "Yes, Rob...Your nuts are insured."

The final verdict...? It would have been much easier to simply send money. I mean, it cost $18.05 to ship this package, and that's money I could have used as my needs arose. Alternatively, a package of goodies is heartwarming. "Tell me what you need/want, and I'll try to send it." It's a message of caring and loving that is not lost on me.

Oh...and I should correct myself. It was a pair of people that conspired to create this package. It is to those two that I send out a heartfelt thanks. =)


Arguskos said...

Glad it was decent. We'll send something better next time. :D

Oh, and no peanuts next time. ;)

Rob Meadows said...

NOOOO! The peanuts of packing are Nike's new favorite toy, and she will be most depressed is there isn't something inside the box for her to play with!

Of course, noisy, crinkly paper would also do the trick. She once claimed a sheet of paper I dropped to the floor as her own for three months. THAT was amusing. =)

Katrascythe said...

I'll have to try to find more packing peanuts. I've yet to let my little angel get a hold of them, although i'm quite certain he'd have a field day....and then eat them.

Let us know if there's anything specific you'd like. Seriously. :D