Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome back to Hell, Bor.

I returned to GitP in full gear, trying to help those whom I thought I could help. And after a bit of research, getting the full story about what this one person was going through, I thought, Wow, my experiences seem to fit what this kid is enduring perfectly. So I sat and crafted a very lengthy response to his issues, giving the best advice that I could think of. Toward the end of my response, there was the following paragraph:

I'm guessing...and I'm also a bit of a dramatist. I mean, using characters from my past, I'm already imagining a scene between you and your father, built on a set of my own mental design, and picturing camera angles.

For the rest of the day, I sought other things to fill my time, and finally went back to GitP to see if this kid had read it. I have no idea if he did, but it was definitely read by some idiot who felt the best response to all of my typing was:

Well... that was a lot!
And I must say... At the end I felt like this:

Then he quoted my "guessing" paragraph.

And that was it. His post wasn't about a problem he was having. It wasn't advice for someone having a problem. It seems he only wanted to say, "You talk too much."

Now, I wrote several replies to his post. During each one, a thought came to my head...No, that'll break the forum rules. Each response I typed would have violated one rule or another, so I deleted them all.

But here? Well, there's a link to this blog in my GitP signature, but it's a "click at your own risk" kind of thing. So as long as you folks don't mind a little emotional explosion on my part, I will reply to his post on MY blog...(Warning: My NY vocabulary is showing.)

In what way was your post relevant to this thread? Who did it help, and how did it help them? So far, the only thing it's done is piss me off to the point where I want to shout, "Fuck you, you little punk! Take your one-line conversations to Random Banter, and stay the fuck out of my thread!" Yeah, MY thread. I made this thing with the idea of helping people, and some of them have serious issues.

Like me, jackass! What makes you think typing is easy for me? Did you ignore the post where I said that I'm suffering wide swings where depression is the only persistent aspect? Did you ignore the part where I mention Charcot's Joint? If you're so fucking smart, then you would read up on the condition and realize that it's a rather severe joint problem that comes with ADVANCED NEUROPATHY! The muscles in my hands are all but gone. I have severe issues typing lengthy tales, and yet I do it anyway in the foolish hope that typing will be some kind of exercise for my weakening hands. And you think I talk too much? Be glad I'm talking online AT ALL! As it is, my coordination is so low that typos have become a natural part of my scribbling, and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that even a spell check isn't helping, as my typos make actual words. Even better, because my meds create an altered mental status, I miss many of the mistakes when I make any attempt at editing.

But then there was another post before you decided I needed to be critiqued. You actually had the audacity to tell a friend of mine that his experiences don't really count because they're personal. So what he learned is invalid because it was produced by the greatest teacher of all, Life? Your statement makes me think you've put your foot in your mouth so far that you've swallowed an entire leg, and are currently chewing on one of your ass cheeks!

Oh, let's not forget the ultimate drop of wisdom you tried to give the same kid I tried to help. That's right...Tell a minor to flip the bird to everyone and do what he wants, because they can't stop him. Feel free to ignore the fact that the kid is 16 and trying to resolve his issues, not cause them to explode in his face.

And then you have the audacity to write up a post about your own issues? My first instinct is to tell you to get a stick of dynamite, shove it up your ass, light the fuse, and wait for the big boom. Instead, I'll apply your way of thinking. "You're screwed. You might as well surrender to the way life has turned out for you and start shopping for a cardboard box to live in, because giving up instead of seeking alternate solutions is much better. You already told a minor to say, 'Screw you guys. I'm going home.' Well, nothing's stopping you from doing the same. Admit you're a failure and just do something else...something unwise and unhealthy."

Your one, stupid, short response has me regretting my move back to the GitP forums. I returned to help people, not get critiqued by some asshat who thinks he's smart, but apparently isn't. You see, had you actually BEEN smart, you would have had the thought to make your comment, but realized it contributed NOTHING to the thread and would have kept silent.

And do you see what I've done? Has someone directed you here and shown you this post? It's HERE because it doesn't belong ANYWHERE on GitP. There is no thread there that allows me to say "Your mother should have swallowed."

And there you have it, for better or worse. Mind you, the moment I saw his reply, I knew I would blow an emotional fuse. I fight so hard to keep this angry side of myself locked away, and then the few words of someone I don't even know has it running riot. Mental illness explains it, but doesn't excuse it. That's why I brought my rant here, where it can be let loose and explained...but on GitP, no amount of explanation would excuse it, and I would be banned for the multiple infractions the above would-be post represents. And I would have fewer emotional explosions if people would think before they communicated.

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Firestar27 said...

Why, oh why, must people be so idiotic? Some people just shouldn't be allowed on threads where other people are genuinely trying to help. Let's hope these people stop frequenting those threads.