Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stygian Skivvies Journal, June 6th, 2009, 4:15 AM

I have seen the darkest of those that surround me. The uncaring masses, more than willing to say an unkind word or make a false claim of injustice. They turn to me, crying to be saved after making false accusations. And when this happens, I look down upon them and say, "No."

These wretched humans, no more worthy of my pity than a rabid dog that's bitten my hand. I will suffer through the painful treatment to resolve the illness, all the while demonstrating the mercy I would give the aforementioned dog. I would put them down if I could do so without police involvement.

Some underwear was stolen was stolen on June 3rd, and no one cared...

Okay...I make a terrible Rorschach. Still, I joked with someone recently, telling them what happened Wednesday was the kind of trauma that usually spawns a superhero. I'll just throw on a costume and take on the moniker of "Stygian Skivvies"...a name that will instill fear in my enemies, if only because most people would be able to translate it to the simpler words, "Dark Underwear." And as I corner criminals of every stripe, I'll use a disturbing, guttural voice to say, "My briefs demand justice."

A few people have been reaching out to me with the question of, "What are your sizes?" Trust me, folks...if I could have waited for clothing to arrive, I'd be giving my sizes to everyone who's asked. But when I say whoever stole my laundry took everything, I mean they took EVERYTHING. And because Arizona is now in the "season of sweating," I needed immediate changes of clothing. Even with a young couple sending me a package of clothes, "just a few clothes to get me through until it arrives" cost me an astounding amount of money.

Yes, I stopped at second-hand store along the way, but the various clothes were not anything I'd wear. Something about the Caucasian guy wearing a Malcolm X tee shirt would bother many of my neighbors, and I'm just not a hug fan of Bob Marley. Hawaiian shirts were also out, along with any other variety of "loud" tee shirts.

No, my friends...What's needed now is money to get through the month. I just couldn't stare down another shower where I needed to use old, stained tee shirts normally used as dust rags to dry myself off. And what to put on afterward? The same sweaty socks, underwear, and tee shirt I had on before the shower? That would leave me wondering why I showered to begin with.

So, again, if you wish to help, you should contact me. Not sure why I didn't do this before, but my e-mail address is As I've done before, when enough comes my way, I'll be back here to let the world know I have all the help I need. Also, as when my brother was ill last year, no one under 18 is allowed to send money. I appreciate the thought, but I'm not a rogue. Mind you, I'm desperate enough, just as I was last year, to accept anything from anyone. If you're that desperate to help, talk to your parents and have them offer me aid.


Stygian Skivvies Journal, June 6th, 2009, 5:16 AM.

Some underwear was stolen on June 3rd. And while some people cared, it was too late. A dark, menacing hero who liked to have disturbing, internal monologues was born...


Black Pants Guy said...

I have to say that I still admire your rather chipper attitude through this rough period.

Rob Meadows said...

I assure you, it's a struggle. Part of it may be the fact that I'm so heavily medicated. I mean, I spent a day on a pair of feet that are far from the best shape. I've been in agony since Thursday and keeping both feet elevated whenever possible.

Also, what other option is there? Screaming in rage or crying over my loss will accomplish nothing. While it leterally was every piece of presentable clothing I owned, they were just THINGS. Things can be replaced. There's a long list of other things that can't.

Anonymous said...

I have an important announcement... I just saved money on my car insurance!

Er, wait. Wrong announcement...

My Google-fu is exceptionally strong today! I appear to have found the holy grail of diabetic sock supplies.

Over at they offer 1 dozen white diabetic crew socks for $6.60. That's pretty much cheaper than regular socks are at wal-mart. So, if Rob will kindly inform us of his sock size we can inundate him with new diabetic socks. (I paypal'd him some cash for emergency necessities as well)

If any of you want to surprise Rob with a shipment contact me at Giantitp or on my blog ( and I'll send you his address.