Monday, July 13, 2009

I went on a little trip.

Yeah, I posted Friday night. Silly pictures I took from City of Heroes. I thought I was okay, after what happened earlier that day...but I was wrong, and am in such bad shape that I actually called in sick to a doctor's appointment.

It was my usually klutzy act. I went out, did a little shopping for some of the things Wal-Mart didn't have on the 3rd. I was in an oddly good mood, and was moving along at a decent pace for a guy walking around in a CAM walker. (It's like a Velcro cast-type thing.) In fact, I was in such a good mood that I was singing the libretto to Evita as I walked. Heading for the major intersection to cross and catch my bus home, I was walking behind a pharmacy, trying to stay in what shade I could find in our triple-degree weather.

So there I am, moving along, and singing..."You let down your people, Evita; you were supposed to have been immortal..."

And it was at that moment that I went to step up a curb, tripped, and hit the ground...HARD! I took the impact through both hands and my left knee. Thankfully, it was "smooth" concrete, so I only managed to scrape my knee. My hands were startlingly intact. Once I'd assessed the damage, I thought my knee was the worst of it.

Wow, was I wrong!

I awoke Saturday with monster aches and pains in my wrists and shoulders. Mind you, there was no significant swelling, so nothing is broken. It's more like the impact send shockwaves up my arms and hurt muscles I haven't used in some time. Instant workout, just add gravity.

Unfortunately, I hurt in such a way that I was unable to get myself moving today to head for a long overdue appointment with my podiatrist. And I was so looking forward to having x-rays taken and receiving all kinds of miscellaneous bad news. "No, Rob...You are beyond diabetic shoes. We need you to wear CAM walkers all the time to keep bones from becoming further dislocated or broken."

That would be fun. You see, CAM walkers have a curved bottom so one can mimic the act of walking more easily. The problem is that it's also inflexable, so if one starts losing one's balance, it's time to take another trip.

Aside from being heavy and inflexable, CAM walkers are actually fairly comfortable. That is, as long as you don't have dry, delicate, diabetic skin. On Tuesday, after my activites the day before, I thought to wear my CAM walker on my left leg instead of the usual right. Since I was wearing shorts, I thought it's be okay. But I was wrong again! Combining the material of the walker and a bit of sweat, a small bit of skin was pulled off. "'Tis but a flesh wound!" Really, it is. But I don't get mere flesh wounds on my lower legs. just a short time, that little wound became thoroughly infected. Thankfully, I usually have an overlap of oral antibiotics, as well as prescription antibiotic cream. Cleaning it may want to make me scream, but I've been a good boy and tended to it daily.

Oh...While I'm here, I might as well start my monthly begging. I usually wait until there's nothing in the bank before I do, but then I also usually pay a terrible price for doing so. So to those who can, and know my PayPal account or address, please start sending what you can comfortably afford.

And that's it for now, folks. Let's hope my next trip is to TN toward the end of September, and nothing as painful as Friday's trip.

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