Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I want a government bailout!

Just give me one billion dollars, and I'm good to go. Because with that money, I would do many things, from vindictive to generous.

Take B-Man, a young man on GitP who is currently in dire straits, as an example. Money will not make him happy. I don't believe money makes people happy in any way...but I am a FIRM believer that money makes things a heck-of-a-lot easier. "Here ya go, B-Man. Here's $500,000. Go get your own roof over your head, and replace your stuff as you see fit. Oh...and get yourself some help. You can afford it now."

That would be the standard. I'd hand out $500,000 to all whom I care about. Arguskos, Steph, (I'll toss in Kyle, just for being a nice guy during my brief meeting with him), Siege (and various housemates), DD, Midnight Son, Valiant Turtle, Ego Slayer, Lord of Kobolds (and his Dad), Slayer Draco, Igor, Thanatos, and...Y'know, just about anyone whom I've shared a kind word with on GitP. Just scribble out a bunch of checks for $500,000 and remind them to stay in touch.

Oh, but then I'd do a little traveling. First, I'd stop by my brother's place, tell him how I'm sitting on millions of dollars, tell him that I have not forgotten how "kind" he was when I was in need, and then leave. "All you had to do was treat me like a person, not an ATM. But you didn't. I worked very hard to get to you in your time of need, and what I received in return only proved that I'd made a monumental mistake. Thank you for turning what I thought was a good deed into a regret."

Off to NY to visit my father, who would endure a speech of his own. "Apparently, caring isn't a requirement to be in this family. There is a HUGE difference between saying that you care and love me, and showing those things. I have busted my butt trying to show love and caring, and as a reward, I have been made to regret that I never successfully committed suicide. Thanks for that." Then I'd leave him behind, too. Oh, maybe I'd leave a small check for him in my wake. "Here's some payback for all you laid out while I was growing up." But it wouldn't be an impressive amount.

Speaking of my father, and finances, I am in the midst of being punished. Perhaps you folks remember the blowout with my father last month. And what seems to have been forgotten by some readers is that my father agreed to send me $50 a month to cover the expenses of my meds. Well, it's the 12th, and the $50 hasn't shown up.

There was a specific reason for that money. AZ, as it dive-bombs toward being bankrupt, cut back on services for the elderly and disabled. If one made under a certain amount of money, AZ paid the co-pay for medications. Because of everything I'm on, my meds now cost around $50 to $70 a month. And what kills me is what costs more and what costs less. My pain meds, for example, make my life somewhat more comfortable. The co-pay for these is $1.10 per prescription. But things like insulin or syringes...Y'know, the things that I would DIE without...Those cost $3.20. Between my regular meds and various extras I tend to need each month, I need help in this slowly recovering economy.

I approached my father with great trepidation when I asked for the money, and he, to my astonishment, agreed. Usually, by now, I'd have it. But I was a "bad boy" last month, and so I believe I'm being punished...which has to be the absolute, 100%, dumbest thing to do in terms of punishing me. This is not skipping out on a holiday or birthday gift. This is for my medications!

So...the money I reported about on the 5th? It's on it's way to being gone. I've decided not to wait until I'm in panic mode. I might as well ask now, while I'm here, and hope folks come through...again.

Really...With each day that passes, and there isn't a word from my family, I get angrier. Not only have they treated me poorly, but they don't seem to want to repair our breaking relationship. It doesn't even matter if they lack the proper skills to show they care. At this point, it would be nice if they just TRIED.

But that's okay. You see, a friend from GitP has basically offered me a home.

I need to pause here and explain the difference between a house and a home. Stu was offering me a house to live in. I would pay rent, and I would have a ride to places I needed to go, schedules permitting. But if I was looking for a place where people cared, Stu'd house was not it. My GitP friend, however, has offered me a home. "What's that, Rob? You're on a limited income? That's fine. We'll offer you an outrageous discount on rent to join us. You need a ride somewhere? Just try to give me advanced notice so I can work my schedule around your needs. You see, your family may not care, but we do! So come join us, where you are welcome."

"Home is where you hang your heart." I'm sure it's supposed to be "hang your hat," but I've never owned a hat, and that's the phrase I've said for years.

Now, I mentioned this potential move to my friend Julie, and she's worried that I won't get along with people. I believe she's basing this on my previous experiences in boarding houses, and the fact that I like my privacy. My argument is that I have a hard time living with stupid people. Stu would have been a problem, as he has been buying into the fear tactics used by the "news" station, FOX. (He honestly believes I will be facing a "death panel" should Obama pass his proposed health care bill.) I have lived with morons, and I seriously doubt that's what I'd experience when I move in with this friend and company. As for my privacy, I will only have to go without it for a short time, if at all, because they are already seeking a larger place. I will have a bedroom of my own, so I have no worries there.

No...Siege, (that's this friend's nickname), and company have been following my blog, and they are offering more of a HOME than my family has...EVER!!! And if my family has any desire to repair what's been ruined by their mistreatment of me, then they have until the very end of this month. On the 31st, I'm walking into the rental office at my complex and tendering my 30-day notice to vacate. They will have to offer me rent at $0.00, to which I have decided to pay what Siege has asked for in rent. If my brother doesn't like it, then I wish him luck with whatever he decides to do.

Here's the marvelous thing about Siege's offer: I will have financial room to do THINGS! At first, there may not be a lot of room, as I have to apply for a secondary medical insurance. Siege has already offered to help me leap on that as swiftly as possible. Then...I honestly believe, and certainly hope to Heaven, that I will be able to sit back and stop begging for aid on a monthly basis! I might even have room to do things like go to the movies it I want. Treat my housemates to pizza "because I can." Maybe find a cafe where I can sit with an open Chess board and meet new people. Instead of tightening my belt at every turn, I may well be able to start living my life! It''s amazing that someone seems willing to welcome me into their home. And with their support, I will hopefully be able to start the grieving process for the family of which I need to let go.

A billion dollar bailout sure would help, though. Wouldn't solve all my problems, but it would help. And until I receive such a thing, (which will be never), I'm back to begging, my friends. The Money is running out. It's not gone yet, but in about a week's time, I'll be in genuine trouble, so please...Help?

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mercurymaline said...

By "death panel" I assume you're talking about triage panels. With "socialized" health care, of course there's only so much money to go around. The amount someone can use in a year depends on age group, education, and potentially self-destructive tendencies. Prescriptions and other things you need regularly would be unaffected.

I, as a mentally ill smoker with a history of cancer, would be "high risk," and therefore unlikely to rank high on a list of people needing a costly procedure, like an organ transplant. And I'm still for socialized health care, as I can't afford insurance on my own, and because of my change in job title, am currently without insurance. The drawbacks do not outweigh the fact that I would be able to get basic health care at any time.

And this is just how Canada works. It may well end up being a bit different here. I've been to clinics in "hippie" states, like Oregon, where they can spend x amount of money per day. They average it to Y number of people, and the first Y number to show up that day receive basic care for whatever's ailing them. Some places there's a flat $10 fee for each person, though it's worth it, for the thousands of dollars of care/meds I've received.