Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's the 5th!

And, to my surprise, there is still over $200 in my bank account. This is after I made a payment to the phone company! Usually this is the part of the month where I'm looking at around $100 and swearing that I have no clue where the money goes.

What's more, I made a few extra purchases on my monthly trip to Wal-Mart. For example, I bought some bug spray that's stronger than 10 men. Why? Nike's food being out all the time has provided the other "residents" of this apartment complex with a perpetual food source. Late at night, the creepy-crawlies come out to nibble at her food, providing them with plenty of sustenance. Since she's leaving soon, I'm going to take the opportunity to kill, KILL, KILL! I don't want to carry along the eggs they may have laid in any warm place. Yes, the trip might me deadly for them, as storage areas don't often have climate or pressure controls...but why take the chance? I'll be spraying and cleaning my apartment with the purpose of not bringing along "friends."

Speaking of friends, I'm still awaiting word from Arguskos that we're definitely on for this coming weekend. In a way, I wish I had another week. My place remains a disaster, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get it in any kind of order by the time he gets here. There's a good chance people will want to use my bathroom when they stop here, and...well, *I* don't want to use my bathroom. AZ water does BAD things to almost everything it touches. It's ruined my pots, pans, and dishes. Flooding has stained what was once a white shower curtain, along with actually staining the clear plastic liner in the shower! And thanks to my inability to stay on my feet long without a steady supply of painkillers, cleaning has no been my strong suit. "Please don't judge me by my bathroom!"

Argus and company coming to get Nike has become a source of pride for me. I'm not big on having pride. It denotes a kind of arrogance when someone says, "This is how wonderful I am." But his actions, as well as that of numerous others, not only says something about them - that they are caring and giving - but also says a lot about me...things I'm not used to hearing from anyone, least of all myself. "Yes, Rob...You ARE a nice guy, and one that is valued by his friends, if not his family. You are SUCH a nice guy that people are willing to help you through the difficult times you perpetually suffer. Just remember that if you weren't wonderful, you wouldn't have wonderful friends!"

And I do! My friends are wonderful, and span several generations. Toward the end of last month, after reporting that I'd managed to lose $50, no one came forward, with the exception of one "minor follower," (in that he's a minor). He spoke to his father, and there was an agreement between them that his dad would send money via PayPal, and then my follower would repay his dad. He then vowed "a little money," and I thought, Well, this will be a nice $20...maybe $50 if he's been wise with his money, and is feeling generous. Ummm...I was wrong! Silly, but wonderful, person sent $200!!! That's not only a generous amount, but an amazing statement from him. "This is how much I care, Rob. This money isn't your actual cash value, but in today's economy it's a small fortune, and I want you to have it."

It's also the reason why the panic I suffer every month hasn't already begun. But it will toward the end of next week, when I decide to shell out money for those coming to get Nike. (I should give at least $20 for gas, and it would be nice to feed them when they're here.) example of how I'm measured in terms of my personality right now. I just hung up the phone with a "wrong number." Since getting my current phone line, I have received calls for an insurance adjuster. I received my phone line in 2005. The insurance adjuster says they changed their number in 2000. Here it is, 2009, and people are still calling my number for this business. So what did I do? I looked up the proper phone number and tacked it to my phone to give to people when they called the wrong number. Because I was helping a business with my act of kindness, I called them and asked if they would be willing to give me a little money each time I redirected someone to them. The woman I spoke with said, "It's a wrong number. You should tell them that and hang up." Nice. But I'm not that kind of bastard. Despite their unwillingness to reward me for helping their business, I've still treated the wrong number callers with respect, as well as giving them the proper number. The woman I just spoke with said it plainly. "You really are too nice."

"Too" nice? No such thing. If anything, people aren't nice enough.

I'm going to wrap this up, but I want to point out that I'm not boasting. At least, I'm trying NOT to boast. If not for my friends, I wouldn't feel as I do about myself every now and again. It's my friends who are the miracles in my life. They've supported me financially through years of poverty...They've been there for me on an emotional level when I've been on the cusp of self-destruction...They are luminous beings in my life, who have lit the way when all I see is darkness. And so, to my friends, I simply can't say it enough...

Be well, my dear, dear friends. BE VERY WELL!