Saturday, August 15, 2009

A stronger plea...

Okay...I need to keep this short because of this damnable arm/shoulder.

I have made my monthly plea, but it has come to my attention that I have friends that are in trouble. (Yes, I know it's not my fault. Hush!) I owe these two people a miracle or two, if it can be spared, and I happen to have their personal contact info. So to those who can give, I'm asking for even MORE than usual. My goal is to get each of these people around $100 each. please...and their needs...Well, I don't want to toss a total out there. And my capacity to help them depends upon how much comes my way. Usually, I only land just enough to get me through the month, but I'm sincerely hoping more than that will land in my lap so I can do good deeds for those who've done good deeds for me in the past.

And to those two...I can't promise you the help...but you can be danged sure I'm gonna try. And none of that nonsense about having too much pride. When people are debating what food they can skip to survive, there's no room for pride.

Please, my friends...Help me, and then help me help others. Please?

Be well. =)

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