Thursday, September 24, 2009

The altered plea

So, I spent several hours at the laundromat, washing a whole lot of stuff so that I'm not dragging dirty clothes and the like to KS...and a glance it my current finances made me pause and attempt that which I tend to fear most: math! Others probably aren't afraid of numbers, but since I had ECT all those years ago, trying to add just a couple of numbers becomes a worrisome event.

Today's adventures thus far had me washing several items that are thick or made of heavy cloth. A recent quest into the depths of mt closet revealed old jeans that are an inch or two too small for me. I am loathe to throw them out of donate them because there may come a time when they fit again. So I washed and dried them, along with my ancient winter coat, and numerous other items, all of which needed extra time in the dryer so that I wouldn't be packing clothes that would become moldy during the moving process.

My next chore is...more laundry. This time, it'll be the stuff that fits and that I wear regularly. Alas, each dollar that goes into the washers and dryers is one more that I won't have for settling in when I reach KS. And there are things that I'm stretching now that I'll need immediately upon my arrival. There will also be a few expenses on the trip that I'm already worrying about, like money for food when we make such stops. It hasn't even crossed my mind to say, "Siege...I'm broke. Could you treat me to everything along the way until the 3rd of next month, when I'll be able to pay you back?" I mean, Siege is already doing so much during this move that that I simply don't want to throw more onto the list. It would also be nice if I could cough up some of the gas money along the way...

...and as it stands at this moment, I can't handle any of that. From what I can see, once Siege arrives here, I'll be completely broke. We're making a brief run to a used book store where we can both unload a couple of boxes of things we simply don't want anymore. But that's not going to cut it. If I get $20 for everything I sell, it'll be a miracle. (Although if I took a store credit, I would likely have more than enough "money" to be able to gather up a ton of things to further fill up the car.)

So here I am, yet again, asking my friends to aid me. I mentioned $50 in my last post in passing, and it still stands that I simply do NOT need hundreds. Just that $50 so that I am fully covered until the next SSD check arrives in my bank.

HOWEVER...If I manage to receive more than what I need, provided I see that little button to reject what's sent, I will be denying those who send funds once my goal is reached. Oh...and Lou, if you send me so much as a dollar, I'll be walking to your place (overseas) to yell at you a lot. (Really won't be capable of doing anything else after walking to another country.) So...Someone, if you can, send $50. Or several people send $20. Or five people send $10. That should do the trick.

Having mentioned SSD, I was awakened by a call from Social Security. They had just a few short questions for me, that in my half-conscious state received long answers. It basically boiled down to them wanting to know if I'd worked at all, and if they thought I might have gotten better in the last few years. Well, giving my concern, love, and advice to friends I've met on the Internet is hardly a job. I've been happy to do that for free. As for getting better...? Well, I shared the "joyous" news that the complications of my diabetes now include Charcot's joint. I spoke of the ulcer on my left ankle that seems to have become a permanent resident on my body. I also added of my pending move because living as alone as I am is no longer a viable option for me; if I'm not under the same roof, I at least need caring people nearby to check in on me regularly.

This was a call from a government office. If you've ever spent time in such agencies and dealing with their employees, you have an idea of the kind of person you usually end up talking to. They're tired all the time, especially after having to repeat what they do every single work day. There's usually no variation, and with people complaining at them all the time, they also tend to be cranky.

But the woman who called me was very pleasant, and as the call came to an end, I complimented her on being so. She said those magic words that immediately make me respect another person. "I treat people the way I'd like to be treated." My immediate thought was, Score one for humanity! Thus, I told her that which I am constantly telling those who know me...and that which I will tell l anyone reading this right now...

BE WELL!!! =)

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