Sunday, September 27, 2009

The closet is empty.

It's such a simple statement, and yet I deem this a major accomplishment. It's not as though things had become so packed in there that I couldn't open the door, but many things had been stacked rather high. Four floods in the five years I'm living here damaged everything that was on the floor, so that stuff was thrown out...but the closet is empty.

Just about everything I have is now in the main living area of my studio apartment. Some of it awaits me being able to stack it neatly into a box. Some of it still needs to be thrown out. Some of it will be sold on moving day, (specifically a box of books). But this is it. Moving day is just about here.

Siege gave me a minor scare the other day. Apparently KS has a thing for automotive documentation expiring on one's birthday. Registration, licence, all expires on someone's birthday, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate another turn around the sun than a day spent at the DMV. Wouldn't you know it, Siege's b-day is September 1st. So the question was posed: can I stay here another month? Well, I shuffled off to the rental office to check on the cost of such a thing, and was told it would cost me an additional $50 to stay just one more month. That would actually bring the price of my apartment to OVER $500. Not sure if anyone has read every post I've made, but when my apartment is mentioned, one can guess it's not even worth the $464 I pay now!

When Siege asked about this, I said that I would call back if something could be arranged. Obviously, I didn't call back. Just to be sure, I sent an e-mail saying that it wasn't going to happen, and received a reply that that was okay. It would all work out regardless.

Some time tomorrow, Siege will start out from KS. We've arranged for her to call when she's getting into the car to head my way. Once I get that call, I'm going to have a semi-busy day.

First, there's still a suitcase filled with laundry that needs to be washed. My right knee has been SCREAMING at me all weekend. I have done my best to explain that it can rest when we reach KS, but it doesn't appear to be listening. (My knee needs ears.) It's possible that I am actually turning into a percocet tablet! Just sitting on the floor, legs folded, creates an issue for me. So that bag of clothing has been sitting, waiting for me to get it taken care of since the last time I blogged about my last laundry adventures. I'll be off to do the wash...finally!

Next, the phone calls. First, the call to my Dad, letting him know that I will be disconnecting all electronics, including the phone. He has my future mailing address, as well as a phone number where he can reach me for emergencies. Then I'll be calling Social Security to give them my change in information. The same will happen with my bank. My final call, which will occur as close to the last minute as possible, will be to the phone company, telling them to shut down my phone service in its entirety.

While awaiting the moment to make that final call, I will be disconnecting everything and getting it ready to go. My DVD player, my TV, my computer. If it's electronic and connected to something else, it's being taken apart and added to the pile for the move. (That's the plan, anyway. Will I be able to resist the draw of City of Heroes? We shall see.)

In fact, the only thing that will probably remain set up is my now-ancient laptop. I mean, I'll still need something to do while I await Siege. Amazingly, the laptop still runs some of my old games, so I'll blow the dust off it and try relaxing a bit. (Of course, the damnable thing tends to overheat and shut itself off at random, which only adds to the temptation represented by CoH.)

If I'm extra lucky, I'll even get a little nap in. (You know about us old folks and our naps, right?)

Once Siege arrives, there'll be some deciding to do. If she needs to get some sleep, so be it. I've already stressed that I don't want an exhausted driver behind the wheel. If there's no nap time needed, then it's off to Bookman's to sell what books I can. (I'll consider myself lucky if I get $10.) Siege apparently has a box or two of books to unload, as well.

Back to the apartment, where we'll load up the car. Scattered about my apartment, it looks as though I have a lot of things to my name. I can't help but wonder if everything will fit in Siege's car. Then again, I've been assured that everything will. Here's hoping, eh?

The final step will be to drop the keys off at the rental office.

And then, my friends, we will leave Arizona, Mexico, and head back to the United States. (I hope Siege remembers her passport. =P ) I kid, of course...but the tenants at my complex are predominantly Mexican, and English is rarely heard around here. Communicating with my neighbors over the last couple of years, especially when it comes to stopping kids from misbehaving in front of my apartment, or keeping them safe, has been difficult.

Life will begin anew in KS. With any luck whatsoever, I will have secondary medical insurance before the end of October. As long as I have that, my begging and pleading for monthly aid should drop to only rare occasions. You know...for more important things. Like, "Help Rob get a big screen HD TV!" "Help Rob book a singles cruise!" "Help Rob buy 30 metric tons of Lego so he can build his doomsday device!"

Oh...Speaking of asking for aid, my last post was a last ditch effort to gain the funds to make this journey without becoming a burden to Siege. Unfortunately, no one answered the call this round. I suppose folks could still send something, but I imagine that by 6:00 PM tomorrow evening, my computer will no longer be connected, and I won't be able to do anything with those funds until I've established an Internet connection at Siege's place.

But, hey! Why stare at the semi-gloomy parts of life when it's about to pick up? My friends not answering that last call...? Well, you guys have been UTTERLY FANTASTIC for so long that I don't really have a right to complain about the one time you didn't dig into your wallets. folks have been amazing! And while I don't report it often here, I frequently rave about knowing some of the best people around the globe. You guys have been awesome, and if you think that'll be easily be forgotten, you have another think coming. =)

So, gang...This is my final post until I am relocated. Before I go, I want to share a phrase that was taught to me many years ago, back in my teens. Technically, there's no way to misspell a Yiddish phrase, since it's normally written in Hebrew, so forgive what appears to be a completely butchered language. (I'll go as frenetically as I can.) "Ein geizundt auf dein pippik." Its literal translation is, "A blessing on your bellybutton." Its connotative meaning is, "Thank G-d for your very existence." If you're not following, life basically begins at one's bellybutton. Though medical science has made life without one possible, one's very existence when the phrase came about was never going to happen. Thus, it is with good humor and great love of my friends that I bless your collective bellybuttons, and insist that you all do your very best to...

BE WELL!!! =)


Anonymous said...

I am very glad to hear the move is going fine, and I wish you the best of luck with it all. You're a wonderful man and you deserve more good things coming your way for a change.

Arguskos said...

We're waiting with baited breath for you to get there Rob. Call if you need anything on the road, since I'll bet Siege has a cell phone (just leave a message).