Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Last Visit

Well, today was my last visit to my PCP, and I didn't even get to see my PCP...either of them. I was able to get NONE of the prescriptions as I wanted them. I'm not even talking about the narcotics that I take regularly. A medication like my Zocor seemed to be an issue. It was a simple request. "Could you write it as 40 mg. taken twice a day, with me knowing that I only take it once a day? I mean, this way I'll have a two month supply without worrying about insurance when I reach KS."

The stern response: "I can't lie on a prescription."

I can understand that there are strict laws covering the distribution of controlled substances...but this is my cholesterol medication. I honestly doubt it has a high "street value." It's not even something I need as badly as other meds that I take, as my blood pressure doesn't go berserk without them. (That would be a nightmarish sign, I assure you.) Without this medication, my cholesterol takes a minor bump upward that makes doctors fret a bit; it's not the end of what good health I have left. And this was a problem?

Of course, I then got quite the odd look when I listed another of my other regular prescriptions that I needed to refill, prenatal vitamins. Yes, I take prenatal vitamins, and for good reason. You see, my insurance doesn't cover a regular, ordinary, multivitamin. They did when I was in NY, but here in AZ, it's just not happening. To get around it, my doc wrote for prenatal vitamins, which, amazingly, the insurance covered despite the fact that I am male and will never, ever be pregnant. Still, it's one of those things that I'm on to cover the shortcomings of a limited income and the shortcuts in my diet. Better to be safer than sorrier, right?

It's actually been one of those things that's been a great source of amusement for anyone who comes to know this nugget of information. The pharmacy techs at my regularly drug store have come to joke that I'm "Mrs. Meadows." Adding to this was that for some time the Department of Economic Security (DES) screwed up, specifically when I first signed up with them, and marked me down as "female." This resulted in all sorts issues because Medicare had me as male, DES had me as female, so the common response from the automated system was, "Wait...This woman is trying to get her vitamins on some guys Medicare account? No way!" I tried to fix this with a simple phone call, but I was forced to go all the way down to the DES office to have them change the F to an M. Then, having ironed that out, both insurance companies that cover me were more than happy to handle my prenatal vitamins. And when it now comes up in conversation, I push my stomach out so as to appear six months along and report that the baby and I are doing just fine.

On the painkiller front...Well, that had this new, mystery doctor staring at me in a degree of wonder. When he saw the older prescriptions, and I told him what I took on a daily basis, he was a little stunned that I was lucid and functional. Like I needed to remind him, but I said, "When the pain's legitimate, the side effects are not nearly as strong." Yes, they have the habit of making me more talkative, but I'm far from "off my face" when I take them. (I use them as an excuse, but it's more for the humor than the truth.) There was no negotiating those, though, despite listing all of the chronic pain issues that I have. The only way I'll be able to refill those is to see a doctor before they run out. G-d bless Siege for making doctor appointments for me shortly after I arrive at my new home.

No matter...The funds that have been been sent to me have gone to those things that I tend to need regularly. Food, toiletries, etc. I was afraid I'd need to come here today and hit my knees and ask for more, help, but it would seem that I should have enough to see me through until next month. (Another $50 wouldn't hurt, but so far, so good; I could use some new toiletries to pack away for my arrival in KS.) It may seem odd, but I'm actually glad people didn't go insane with sending me help. I mean, had people actually gathered the hundreds I thought I needed, I would now be sitting on too much money, and I'd be racked with guilt.

So that was it. My last doctor's visit here in AZ. Now it's a matter of getting this disaster area of an apartment into boxes for that the car can be loaded up easily, and we can be on our way.

Ah...But speaking of the move...It's happening in about a week. When it happens, I may well be offline for several days. No checking e-mails, no blog or forum posts, and certainly no answering the phone calls of friends. I'm told an Internet connection is available where I'm going, but I don't know if the house is wired properly for me to get hooked up immediately. If it is, it'll just be a short time while I travel and get acclimated, and then I'll be back...and hopefully more active on GitP.

There'll be more before I go, but that's all for now. Be well, my faithful followers. =)

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Good luck, Bor. Good luck. *hugs*