Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ummm...Guys? Friends? Hello?

Ah, good times...Good times. *nervous laughter* Hey, does anyone remember my last post in August? The second to last paragraph went something like this:

Meanwhile, I'm not going to wait for the last minute to ask for help. I always need it, so it makes little sense in holding off. What's more, I may have an extra expense or three this month, as I'm going to have to make some purchases that are...well, off the charts in terms of expenses. "Golly, Rob...What are you planning on buying that has you so worried?" Medications. Three of my prescriptions can't have refills because they are narcotics. And while I will have a fresh month's supply as I move out, there's no guaranty that I'll have secondary medical insurance within the month I move out of Arizona, nor that I'll find a doctor in that time. To be truly comfortable, I'd want a three-month supply of all my meds, but that's not going to happen. The best I can hope for is two months. So, my friends, I'm going to start asking for help now, and hope that you all remain understanding for just one more month. Then...Well, let us pray that the secondary insurance comes through swiftly, and that I don't need to ask for help in the future.

Then I waited. I mean, if every post was, "Can I have some help?", a lot of people would just stop reading, right? And I made the plea early so as to avoid any kind of panic. I was a good human. Alas, no one responded.

So in my last post, I wrote:

Speaking of "deal," or at least dealing with me, the time has officially come for me to start making a cry for aid. I have a week's worth of funds left. I usually wait until I have only a day or two's worth of funds, but I've decided to be smart this time around. What's more, I am seeing my doctor a week from tomorrow, in which I'm going to have to probably pay a little extra for some of my meds. I tried to say as much the last entry of last month, but no one has responded. So, my friends...I hope you are still able to deal with me and my excessive needs, but I could use the help...and hopefully for the last month. As always, the help is appreciated in advance. Once I'm under Siege's roof, my financial needs should be severely reduced. Until then...Ummm...Deal?

Oh, look at me. I'm so cute. In my "Deal or No Deal" post, as made a little funny right at the end, there. *more nervous laughter*

That was late on Monday, and I kinda hoped someone would have responded by now. You see, when I receive aid, there's a little thing I haven't mentioned...I don't think. When someone helps me via PayPal, I get a notification, head right to the site, and transfer the funds to my checking account. One would think in this age of electronics that it would happen instantly. "Oh, you want money? Click this little button here and it will magically appear in your bank account instantly!" But it doesn't. According to PayPal, it takes three to four business days for it to arrive. I don't quite understand that one, either. I mean, what's a business day of late. It seems to me that businesses run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to the aforementioned electronic age. You don't have to wait for Monday to roll around so that someone will finally answer the phone to take an order; you can just place your order online. Odds are good that there's someone in the warehouse all the time, prepping orders to go out with the mail. Even the mail keeps traveling on Sundays, and that requires a human being to be transporting it somehow, some way. Overall, I don't comprehend why there are any delays in a transaction, especially one occurring electronically over the Internet.

Now pause a moment and realize that my waiting until the last minute actually went into overtime. All those times I waited, made my plea. and then received help...? The days of waiting for it to hit my bank were usually spent hoping that someone I knew in the area would be able to loan me the money until my bank received the transfer. And because it's a case of the poor borrowing from the poor, those people had to be paid back.

Really, my friends...I'm praying wildly that this will be the last month I need such help. The only problem that would make me sit up and cry for help again would be if I have any kind of issues with the welfare office where I'm heading.

So...before I'm down to pennies, and my cries for help online are utterly panicked...if you can, send help. Please.

I'm going to go back to wishing I had a stick of dynamite to blow my right knee off. Or back to bed to recover from all I've been doing of late. Just 10 more days...then it's "Goodbye, Arizona...Hello, United States!"

*last nervous laugh* Look...I was cute again by trying to make another funny. Am I not adorable? =P

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Arguskos said...

Hey Rob, heard you talked to S. Thanks.

Also, I truly wish I could send ya some aid, you know it, but... I'm still skint broke.

By the way, the cat's doing fine. ;)