Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Epic faIl!

Check that again, boys and girls. It's actually F-A-I-L. You see, I finally demonstrated what it means for Rob to fall, with a witness who was NOT a total stranger.

I was in Ray's room, just as I am now, sitting at the computer while Siege had basically gotten comfortable on Ray's bed. Since Siege was occupied on the phone with the significant other, I looked into my cup of drink-stuff and thought, Hmmm...I should go get a refill before this cup is completely drained. Thus, with cup in hand, I stood, turned, and started leaving the small, cramped room...and that's when things went awry.

From where I was standing, "all the way to the door," was a distance of three feet. I, personally, can't tell you what happened exactly, but it went something like this: my right big toe snagged the long cord on Ray's mic/headset, impeding my forward motion. My brain was trying to get me to keep walking, while at the same time trying to shake the cord. My left foot, realizing there was a problem, began a kind of hopping in an effort to keep me upright. Meanwhile, gravity didn't care what me or my various body parts were thinking about, and asserted itself. Down I went, all the while trying to make some foolish effort not to drop or overturn the cup filled with stuff that stained everything it touches.

I immediately did that which I usually do: sit there and attempt to assess any immediate damage.

From Siege's phone, which was on speaker, came a voice, "Wow...that sounded bad."

Siege's immediate response was, "I'll call you back," and hung up to come to my aid.

Ray also rushed the length of the trailer to check on my, as my collapse was fairly loud.

I was already cracking wise as I slowly got to my feet. "At least I kept the cup upright." I checked anything on me that hurt immediately, specifically concerned with any breaks in the skin. Cuts and I haven't been on good terms for several years, now. Thankfully, there was nothing to see.

Unfortunately, as time has passed from the fall, I'm starting to feel various pains that My left hip, for example. I must have done some rotating on it during my feeble attempt at maintaining my balance. I know I twisted my left ankle at one point, just for the fact that I actually fell. The ulcer on the left ankle, while still sealed, aches. I'm also assuming that the numerous muscles in my left leg were stretched in ways they're not accustomed, as they simply don't feel...right. I'm also aware of the fact that I managed to jam my left wrist backward. Go me.

The amazing part is that I failed, once again, to simply trip and fall. One of my post-fall jokes was that it took 10 seconds to actually do the falling. Without any conscious effort, I made every effort to avoid hitting the floor, hurting myself in numerous ways in the process. The result was that I fell anyway.

So...what's my current status now? Well, I got usual. I don't think I did any serious damage, but various aspects of neuropathy could be hiding that. I'm going to have to wait and see. Whatever the case may be, I'm afraid a few days of rest will be required. That means that for those who come here to check up on me, especially if I seem to vanish from just about everywhere else, shouldn't worry too much. It likely means I'm resting comfortably in bed. And if anything that's SERIOUS occurs, I'll be sure to get the word out.

I just might head for bed right now. First, of course, I'm going to have the halfling rogue I hired to "take 20" on the hall between here and my bedroom. Checking for further traps, and all that. =P

(Oh...completely related to this tale, my "act of klutz" utterly destroyed Ray's mic/headset. On of the ear pieces was ripped off, to the point of actually RIPPING wires apart. I felt so bad that I handed him $10 as part of the replacement cost. *sigh* It's like I plan my path of destruction before embarkation.)

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