Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Move: Part 1

Howdy, folks. I decided I should come back today and report on what happened, how things went, and how things are.

It began with Siege not calling me. This had me on the cusp of panic, as I thought it would be the point where everything started falling apart. In the past, there have been those who claimed they were coming to my rescue, only to reveal at the last possible moment that they had, if fact, been lying to me for a long time, and that a rescue was never even a remote possibility. I was waiting for Siege to do this, and the fact that I had to call to see if he was on his way. (Some pronoun confusion on my part in the past, but I am making adjustments.) So I called Siege, and was told he was on his way within the next hour or so.

That was Monday.

The phone calls began, with me making a variety of address changes with those agencies that I felt should know immediately. Like Social Security. They told me something odd, claiming that I needed to fill out a change of address form with the post office...which is something I hadn't had to do before. So I find myself pondering if I should do this. I mean, if I do it, those who send mail to me will automatically receive an update on where I live...and there are some I left behind in AZ whom I'd rather they had no idea to where I vanished.

Okay...Once I took care of some of those calls, I was hit by a sudden wave of exhaustion. I hadn't even really done anything, and yet the need for sleep was overwhelming. I shut down my computer, took me a little nap...and when I awoke and turned my computer on, the screen refused to turn on with the rest of the system. The power was on. It was plugged in. What I was seeing didn't make sense, and the owner's manual wasn't helping. The power light would remain dark for about three seconds, then blink green. It kept doing this, and the manual said to just hit any key or move my mouse. Well, that would be nice if my system was hibernating, but that wasn't the case.

I called Dell. I am just so please that their tech support is in India. It allows my half of the conversation to, for the most part, be, "What?!?" It took no time at all for the tech to tell me that my screen was shot, and that I should buy a new one. Of course they want me to buy a new one. I haven't spent any money with them in years. Instead, I opted to pack the screen and hope Siege's geek/tech housemates would be to work a miracle.

Back to packing I went, hoping to get what little was left put into boxes and the like. My right knee would have none of it. And so I was stuck with little else to do but plug in my ancient laptop and play elderly games until it was time to head for bed.

I was awaken the next morning by Siege tell me that she was at 19th Street and couldn't find my apartment complex to save her life. It took me a minute to wake up completely and realize that while she had found the number 19 quite well, she was nowhere near 19th Avenue. We got that ironed out, and he was soon at my complex, and I was welcoming him with a fairly gentle hug. (I wouldn't have gone for all-out affection, as my pain meds hadn't kicked in yet, and my skin was still hurting.

After sitting and chatting briefly, we tossed a box and a half of books into his car and headed for Bookman's, where I hoped to sell them and have some money for the journey. Alas, the only thing they wanted were the comic books that were automatically subscribed to when I got City of Heroes, and offered me all of 40 cents. Well, that amount of money made giving up the comics not even worth it, so I took those back and we headed back to my place to pack Siege's car.

Now...Siege seems to be of the impression his car can be loaded with approximately 300 cubic feet of stuff. Seeing as how this is bigger than a football field, let it be realized that this would be impossible. And as he loaded the car, he kept coming back to say, "Dude, we can still get (insert item) in the car." The problem, however, was my choice of boxes. While relatively small, they were somewhat close to being square. No amount of maneuvering would alter the space it took up, and packing the car was becoming increasingly difficult.

As an added joy, Siege was encountering the heat of Phoenix for the first time. Every trip back into the apartment was usually accompanied by curses of how damnably hot AZ was. And in the end, we were coming to the realization that certain things would have to be left behind. I was displease by some of this, and not upset at all with other things. His car was so full by the time we got into it that my backpack, loaded with all my meds and various emergency stuff, had to sit at my feet for the trip.

Now comes the part where I went to turn in my apartment keys. Perhaps I have explained it, and perhaps I haven't, but two people work in the office regularly. There was a guy, who always did his best to work with the tenants, and a woman, who was apparently trained to respond in such a way that tenants could get nothing. And when I entered the office, I found out that he had gone to lunch, and she was the only there to take my keys. I had wanted to remind the guy that things would be left behind because I couldn't move them, and I was not renting a van or anything. Instead, there was that...IDIOT! Thus, as handed over the keys, my five years of frustration in dealing with the management of that complex came to a boil, and I became very...un-Rob-like. "I would explain to you why my apartment is the way it is, but you're too f***ing stupid to understand." And I walked out.

I'm going to leave it at that for the moment. Not my computer and all that. Mayhap my housemate wants to use it for whatever reason, and so I am on my way. (Of course, if he doesn't want to use it, I will run off to play City of Heroes.) So until I return for more of the journey, you folks be well. =)

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