Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Great Kitty War of 2009!

It's coming. I can feel it! In the approximate time of one month, the fur will be flying, and we won't know who won until the dust settles and the blood stops flowing.

I received a call from Arguskos yesterday. It would seem that his rent is going up by close to $100 a month, and his ability to stay where he is will be beyond his financial capacity. Thus, Nike is to be returned to me the first full weekend in December. While I gleefully look forward to my reunion with her, I fear for the well-being of all life under the roof of this trailer.

Nike, in case I failed to mention it, HATES all other animals. She doesn't mind humans at all, regardless of age, size, gender, or any other factor you can think of. But animals...? My neighbor back in AZ, Kim, had a dog that was BIG. I believe her "puppy" had some Rottweiler in him. While the dog showed great interest in coming into my apartment to play with Nike, my cat wanted to kill the dog...that could probably swallow her without chewing.

Alone with her in AZ, I'd witnessed her charge a closed window in an attempt to get at other cats that might stop by to visit. So one has to wonder how she'll react when she comes into a home where there are already THREE other cats. I'm not sure of their ages, but I believe the eldest is Jenny, the middle cat is Lemmy, and the youngest cat is Random. (Yes, "Random.")

Jenny, (Ray's cat), is the boss, or so she thinks. She loves attention from the humans around her, and will climb into a lap if it suits her purposes. She's also a notorious "seat thief." That is, if you leave a spot you've occupied for a while, Jenny is the cat that will run to warm spot you left behind and get comfortable. Upon your return, she will resist being moved if she can, and if she can't, she'll look at you with a face that says, "You are the meanest person I ever met."

Lemmy is supposedly, officially, Siege's cat, and has been terrorized into existing strictly in one area of the trailer. When the other cats are around, especially Jenny, Lemmy tends to hide for fear of whatever kitty repercussions there might be for disobeying "kitty law."

Random...Oh, there's quite a story behind how she became Cody's cat. Here's the abbreviated version: apparently, she was named because she was a living example of a D&D random encounter. People were hanging out on a driveway. They looked down and saw a 99% black cat sitting there...and then noticed that her lower lip was almost entirely ripped away. She was adopted and she healed up nicely. But due to whatever she experienced that hurt her, and the guys' habit of making sudden loud noises, Random has remained a skittish little thing. Being the youngest, she still wants to play like a kitten...but is essentially afraid to.

None of these cats has been declawed, and I have tiny holes in my legs to prove it. Random is the only cat that has not been fixed. And I'll be bringing Nike here to...ummm...Well, she'll probably get her butt kicked. I can only hope she won't be terrorized like Lemmy, and pray she doesn't clamp down with her mouth and start raking the other cats, spilling their innards all over the place. I guess we'll see, eh?

Meanwhile, I'm off to attempt more of "Piece on Earth," my NaNoWriMo project. I'm at 14,118 words, when I should be at around 18,330. I got off to such a good start, with close to 4,000 words written the first day. It was all down hill from there. In fact, as nifty as my idea is, I'm considering dropping out of the competition altogether. Writing 50,000 words in a month may have seemed easy in the beginning, but it's unfortunately starting to feel like work. This is supposed to be fun, not a chore. =(


Zeb The Troll said...

Would you believe that's the second cat I've heard of named Random? The other is (was) the twin brother of Alarra's cat, Skylar. Apparently the names came from a book, but for the life of me I can't remember what the book was right now.

Random, fittingly, was living with Alarra's brother in San Diego. Recently, Brother went home to South Dakota to help out the family between classes he's taking. He put Random up at a kitty kennel type place, gave them a lot of money for the two weeks he'd be away, and went home believing all was well. Sadly, when he picked up Random from the care facility, he'd contracted a BAD case of fleas. By bad, I mean that they made him sick enough that he had to be euthanized. The fleas were bad enough in Brother's apartment they made Brother, who is no small man, even start to have flea related health issues (his legs were swelling up from all of the bites).

Random was pest free when he went in.

HellfireLover said...

Oh, you're in for some fun. :)

Re: kitty declawing, it is illegal across here, but I had great success with Soft Claws. Rocco, bless his cotton socks, was a great softie, but had a habit of seizing and disembowelling your hand when playing, so they were a necessity with him.

Cara is a slippery little beggar, and is also the chair thief. It's met with a standard response in our house: 'Would you be so quick to jump in my grave?' I suspect that if it was warm, the answer would be yes. Had to laugh at the description of the offended face too. I know that look so well. Trying to shift a cat which doesn't want to be shifted is like trying to pick up a sack filled with wet porridge. Added bonus is the look we get afterwards: "Peasants! How dare you!" Cara has a pedigree far more impressive than mine, so I suppose she is entitled.

Keep on writing! Keep on! Get over that hump! I know you can, even if you don't quite reach the NaNo goal. Besides, it sounds really interesting and I want to read it when you're finished. :)

BlackFox said...

Zeb... Is Random, perhaps, from Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles?

Zeb The Troll said...


Why, yes, yes it is where the name came from.