Friday, November 20, 2009

Instead of sleeping...

Who needs sleep when I can lie awake all night and think, right?

Well, that's not 100% true. I slept for a couple of hours last night. Had a bizarre dream, too. I was back in Phoenix, and it was very important that I get a rare record collection from the ceiling of a closed business near my old apartment complex. Mind you, the "rare records," as in vinyl records, were pinned to the ceiling. Amidst this vital task was a neighbors two daughters who kept knocking on my door and telling me that I had to hurry with the toilet plunger to unclog the pool so they could go swimming. If someone tries to interpret that dream, I have decided that I just don;t wanna know.

So I wake up with a low blood glucose. It's around 7:00 AM. I treat the hypoglycemia, sit on my bed...and decide that now, while everyone is asleep...this would be a good time to start trying to assemble the computer desk I bought weeks ago. I get as far as taking the components out of the box, looking at the instructions, and seeing the first step is to do a little light hammering. All I'd have to do is tap a few pieces into place. The problem with that is the fact that even light taps could shake the entire trailer. There would be no construction.

Right. I'll just lie there and...think of something to write! Good G-d, this will be a funny story to tell. All I need is...a functioning computer. The only computers working in this place belong to my housemates, and they're still asleep.

This is shaping up into a fine day.

With my brain caught on the concept of my housemates, I begin to think about Ray. There are times when he looks at me and just doesn't seem happy...and some part of my thought processes starts to believe he'd be a lot happier without me around. Alternatively, Cody appears to not care one way or the other as to whether I stay or not. And Siege...? Well, Siege has rarely been around. But when he is, I worry. Siege is having some...difficulties...of late, giving me genuine cause to be worried.

Okay...At that stage of my morning, I'm worried. Not just about Siege, but for many whom I've befriended online. I think about this blog, and how I haven't been updating it as often as I once did. There are people and things in my life now. And my only online access occurs when one of my housemates can spare their computer for me. So I start asking myself, "Would I stay in better touch with my Internet friends if my computer was up and running, or would I still be excusing myself because of the different lifestyle I have now?"

The thing is that the only changes to my life at this moment are those that pertain to establishing my presence here in KS. Like the phone call I received a half an hour ago, requesting a bank statement for the local "welfare" office. I went paperless on that thing before I left AZ,, I don't have a bank statement. I'll have to print one up via the ATM, or get the bank to print one. There is a last option, and that's to have the welfare office bring up my account online and print the statement.

But this is my life right now. I'm still new to this place, and still adjusting. For the last five years, I've lived alone, with the exception of Nike...

Speaking of Nike, I'll apparently be getting her back in a couple of weeks. On either December 5th or 6th, Siege and I will head south, while Arguskos heads north, and we'll meet somewhere in between our current residents to exchange the cat. Then the Kitty War of 2009 can begin.

Another thought, and one that's somewhat disappointing, is the fact that I have abandoned NaNoWriMo. I'm at 16,945 words, and I should be at over 33,000. It would take a genuine miracle for me to catch up. As in, G-d comes down from the Heavens, grants deific speed to my hands, and I type so fast that the keyboard smolders. Maybe next year.

Additionally to all of this, I am still trying to adjust to the concept of company almost every night. Steve doesn't drop in on his own; he is often accompanied by others, who sit in the living room and banter. There's usually a lot of laughter, and even more sound effects! Gods above and below! These guys have to make a sound for everything! What's more, it's contagious. I think I make the sounds, too. I haven't had to immitate the Death Star for any reason in decades, and now I'm a planet-destroying machine...or something.

*sigh* Amidst all of this, I am still angry with Stu. He's made no attempt to contact me or make amends. And somewhere in those thoughts filled with ire lies my nephew, not benefiting from the presence of his Uncle Rob. I wanted to be in that kids life, and treat him like the son I will probably never have. I was so looking forward to that particular aspect, and it was shot to pieces by my brother's greed.

Ah, but there's the good news in this whole thing. Since leaving AZ, I haven't come here to plead with the masses for aid. Oh, I've had cause to ask for help...Like my desire to own 300 of the 8 x 2 LEGO blocks, 100 of each color: red, white, and black. According to the LEGO Digital Designer that one can download free, the cost would be close to $100. I don't have that kind of money to spare. I have a computer that needs building, so I can finally log online from my room, and not my housemates' rooms. Still, with the pieces I was able to scrounge from Ray's collection, I've been "working out" daily. I believe it's showing most in my right hand, though I try to occasionally build strictly with my left. I even went as far as to write to LEGO and ask if they'd be willing to help in some way, as this is very much physical therapy for me. They turned me down, stating they answer such requests from organizations, and not individuals.

Ah, well. Life goes on. So much so, that I must bring this post to a close and do something with my day, while there is still a day to do things.

Be well, my friends. Try to remember than many of you - and you know who you are - are never far from my thoughts.

Be we;;.

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evan said...

Don't pay $100 for the legos. Check this out for $30. Not exactly what you were looking for color-wise, but probably about half of the 650 blocks will be 2x4, and for a $70 discount...