Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Magical A'sploding Toe

I think I wrote about this once left big toe. But as a recap, some time ago I had the toenail permanently removed. What followed was an all new exercise in pain. And when I sought treatment for said pain, I was told one of the dumbest things a doctor could instruct a patient to do: "Ignore it."

These days, now that I take pain meds stronger than 10 men, I don't seek more painkillers. Sure, we could probably increase the morphine sulfate I take, making me numb to ever ache known to mankind...but I don't want that. I want answers as to what's hurting, and why. Pointing to my toe and saying it hurts is all well and good to the layman. It lets the doctor know something is wrong. In fact, it wasn't so much the toe as it was the main joint of the great toe. And I wasn't looking for more pain meds. No...I wanted to know what to do to actually FIX it.

"Ignore it."

Well, isn't that just the greatest medical advice ever given? It's soon to be the latest in the treatment of ALL illnesses. Chest pain? Ignore it. Frequent urination? Ignore it. Insomnia? Ignore it. Your brain violently exploded, sending parts of your skull across the room to become embedded in the walls? Ignore it.

But that's what I did. And from time to time, when the main joint of the great toe would ache, I would do my best to dismiss it. Oh, I'd pop a percocet every now and again in an attempt to silence the ache...

Last night, however, the pain entered "a new level of ow," and I ended up taking TWO percocets to get relief. Try to keep in mind that I take the strongest percocets allowed. They're 10/325 tablets, meaning 10 mg. of oxycodone and 325 mg. of Tylenol. Strong stuff. I took one around 1:00 PM, waited an hour in the hopes that would do the trick, and then another come 2:00 PM. Finally...FINALLY...I got some relief. From there, I was in and out of consciousness on my bed, with flashes of pain occasionally bringing me back to the waking world.

It sucked.

What sucks even more is that there's still nothing I can really do about it at this moment in time. I'm still waiting for Medicaid to kick in, which means I can't run off to get x-rays or the like to find out if anything terrible is going on in there. My choices fall into the categories of "ignore it" or "hope it goes away."

So...I just wanted to drop in and gripe about that. I'm off to pray the toe simply "a'splodes." Maybe I'll be done with it then.

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