Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Okay...As mentioned, I'm in Geek Heaven. I got computers to play on, console games to play with, and people who speak the language of RPGs. And amongst the things that seem to be here in abundance is...LEGOS! (These are Ray's, to be precise.) At first, I resisted the containers filled with thousands of pieces. I'm an adult, right? Then, one morning, while everyone else was asleep, I was watching a DVD of something I'd seen before, and the pull of the Legos was too much.

Now, there are some who come to this blog and know the voice I used. It's a voice employed when I talk to cats. Essentially, I turn into a five-year-old, and I've heard several females virtually squeal at how "adorable" the voice is. It was this very voice that I used as Siege walked into the living room and found me futzing with a kid's toy. "I PLAYING LEGOS!" I announced happily, bouncing while seated. With a disappointed shake of the head, Siege simply walked away.

The thing is, after I'd played with the Legos for a couple of hours, I noticed swelling in my hands. Not a lot. Just enough to know that something was going on inside. Due to a lack of pain, it came to me that it might well be something GOOD! Was it possible? Were my hands getting a workout from playing with Legos?

This deserves investigation. Since I can't possibly learn something overnight, I have spend a little time each day, working with pieces I'm fully capable of manipulating with my hands, constructing and deconstructing what I've come to call "Lego blobs." And it seems rather strange that what started as a delving into an activity from my childhood would become a possible kind of physical therapy. o.O


Allow me to introduce a new character in my life, Steve. There are several things about Steve that I could talk about, but the main aspect of his very being is the capacity to joke ALL the time. When Steve's around, there usually a lot of laughter to be had.

Now, way back in the 80's, I grew up with many people saying, Oh my G-d, it was the funniest thing." The person who said it would then go on to tell an entertaining tale that was either very funny, or a "location joke." (Really...You had to be there.)

Steve works at a used video/electronics store. Just days ago, they bought a game from someone entitled "Jigsaw Madness," which was apparently made for the PS 1. This game apparently requires you to put together a jigsaw puzzle via video graphics. And the inanity of the task was unbelievable to him. Thus, in his greatest "commercial voice," he excitedly announced that Jigsaw Madness was brought to you "from the people who brought you 'Sit There and Breathe!'"

I heard this and lost it completely. Of all the years I spent in my youth hearing about "the funniest thing," now I'd finally heard it. Seriously, I was laughing so har that my face was turning purple and tears were streaming from my eyes. Here it is, days later, and just thinking of what he sand and how he said it, makes me start chuckling all over again. XD


Anywho, that's all I have at the moment. We are off to another town to look into getting me a "track phone," or Wal-Mart's equivalent of a track phone. From what I'm told, 1000 minutes for $30 whenever I need it it a damn good price. And it's not like I need all of the glorious features a phone can have. I just need to be able to make and receive calls.

Be well, folks.

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