Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stupid, stupid, stupid me!

I should know better. After all this time, talking about how easily I break, I really, really, REALLY should know better.

Over the last few days, I managed to assemble am inexpensive computer desk (with some help from those who have stronger hands than I) and rummage around for all of the components for my POS computer. The idea was simple enough: set myself up so I can do things on the computer that don't require Internet access, and won't require me to sit in one of my housemates' rooms. Since my computer can also play DVDs, I can sit in the privacy of my room and watch what I want without asking the guys to stop using the TV in the living room.

Okay...First, there was the grand quest for all of the computer components. As mentioned some time ago, my flatscreen monitor died. Hearing this, Siege dropped by one day with an elderly tube monitor that I could use. Upon finding everything that I needed, I began putting everything together. And it worked...almost. The tower started making a horrible high pitched noise it had never made before, so I took a peek at the diagnostic lights on the back. According to the aforementioned lights, the memory was detected, but there was an error reading it.

I'm not technically minded in any way, but previous experience has taught me where the memory cards are housed. So I opened the computer, removed them, cleaned their slots, and replaced them. When I next turned on the computer, all was well...

Until the monitor died with a pop. This thing was OLD! With it being moved and jostled so much, it's not surprising that it died. And, luckily, Cody happened to know that there was yet another monitor in the house, so he let be use that.

My computer was up and running...FINALLY!

But you have to realize what I'd done to accomplish this. I lifted the tower countless times, moved a heavy monitor almost as much, forced my hands into the guts of a computer to set those memory cards, and, something I failed to mention, took a bad step the day before when I began the initial hunt for pieces. Finally, at last, I was able to sit and play some of the simpler games on my computer...

Only to find out that you truly get what you pay for at Wal-Mart these days. That computer desk cost me $20. Its actual value is $10 at the most. By using my pinky, I could make it wobble once it was assembled. Well, now it housed a heavy monitor, which makes it move even more precariously. Blessedly, it has remained standing. I don't know how. When I proclaim it a miracle that it's still standing, I literally mean that G-d is prepetually reaching down from the Heavens and using a finger to keep it where it is.

Another wonderful thing about this desk is that it's very small. VERY small. There's really no room for a keyboard and a mouse, so the keyboard has to kind of hang off one side to fit a mouse pad. Said pad has to be set vertically, not horizontally. And for a computer chair...? Well, I didn't have the funds to waste on a proper computer chair, so I got a padded folding chair instead.

Okay...I was all set. I got the computer up and running, sat down to play a game for a bit...and the sliding tray for the keyboard disengaged from its track and fell on my foot. After cursing softly, I set it right, went back to my game, and the tray disengaged from its track and fell on my foot again. I cursed a little louder, put it back, and returned to my game. Had I learned anything from the last two incidents? Nope. The tray disengaged from its track and fell on my foot AGAIN!

The good news is that I'd finally learned my lesson. That tray needs to be watched. I can't bring it all the way forward or it'll fall on my poor, abused foot.

Now comes the real fun: laundry. I decided that I would change my socks so I could have my newly acquired diabetic socks, four pairs, all clean. And when I saw my right foot, it looks as though something had gotten through my socks and dirtied me up. So I grabbed an alcohol swab to rub whatever it was off, and the pain that came from the two "dirty" sites made me aware that the misstep a couple of days ago, and the falling tray and keyboard yesterday, had in fact injured me. And what has probably stopped these wounds from becoming a real problem is that I recently started taking penicillin for a mild infection in my gums. Now that I'm aware of the wounds on my right foot, I'll be keeping a close eye on them.

The thing that upsets me most is that I should have known better. Perhaps the bad step wasn't enough to indicate a break in my skin. I take bad steps all the time. But when that tray fell, and the keyboard, both heavy enough and with edges sharp enough to cut...Well, I should've taken my sock off immediately and checked. Now if infection sets in, I have no one else to blame but myself.

For the record, I have two breaks. One is on my "useless toe." I had a hammer toe corrected years ago, and the release of the tendon underneath had caused a tendon up top to start pulling the toe upward. I can't feel it or move it, and thus it is a useless toe. The other wound is on the underside of my foot, right along the arch. It really did look like just a line of dirt, and it didn;t do much bleeding. Still...

*sigh* Well, now I guess I get to spend some quality time with my rationally irrational fear of osteomyelitis. If I get it in the toe, it's no big deal. I think I can live without it, as it serves no real purpose. If I get it somewhere in the arch...Well, that will be a real problem...A problem I'd rather not dwell on at this moment. As it is, I'm upset enough with myself over not inspecting my foot during incidents when I could easily have been hurt.

I'm off to do something distracting...or so I hope. Be well, all. Oh...and have a happy Thanksgiving, those who are celebrating it.

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