Friday, December 25, 2009

Emotionally Neutral X-mas.

Stu once had a shirt that has a smilie face, except that its mouth was a straight line. Beneath it, it read, "Have a day." And so it was that descriptors vanished when we'd call to wish each other well. Gone were the days of "Happy Birthday," replaced by a call to wish one or the other "a Birthday." And so it is, with a voice set in monotone, that I wish all readers a Christmas. To be more open toward all folk, "Have a Holiday."

Actually, the first thing I'd like to do is apologize to Arguskos. He called to wish me a happy holiday, and he woke me up. I don't even know the hour, as I rolled over and went back to sleep. However, I have an explanation as to why I was so tired. I have managed to reverse my sleep schedule, all because I reacted to my pain meds a couple of nights ago.

From time to time, my pain is so bad that I stretch my use of my pain meds. I try desperately not to do this, as that's something that can lead to all kinds of trouble. Usually, I stick to the maximum of six percocet a day, and that's where I draw the line. If I need to experience some discomfort, so be it. I'm never 100% pain-free anyway. Alas, we've had some weather here. The wind has been howling and powdery snow has been gathering in enormous drifts around the trailer. My pain was so incredible Wednesday night that I grabbed some of the "extra" pills left from several days before and popped them. My stomach didn't appreciate this, and so I was hit with a bout of dizziness and nausea that kept me awake most of that night.

This prompted the insane. I've gotten into the practice of keeping something around for such a side effect. When Wednesday night was over, I was down to only two tablets of "the pink stuff." I needed more, just in case, and it was snowing on Christmas Eve day. And where, in this little town, does anyone go for inexpensive medical needs? Wal-Mart! Can you imagine visiting Wal-Mart on that day, of all days? Well, I convinced Siege to take me, and it was as insane as we feared. I managed a minor miracle, getting in and out, alone, within 10 minutes. Still, the place was CRAZY! Walking with a cane, I was still faster than most people in the store, and was positively thrilled by the numbskulls who would stop in the middle of aisles and just stand there. There didn't even appear lost...they just had nothing to do with their time.

Anywho, I got my meds, a few things to eat through the next couple of days, and Siege and I fled.

So last night, with nothing else to do at the moment, I said, "Hey, Ray...Y'know that Star Trek trilogy you've been reading? Well, I'm very interested in getting started on it." He handed me the books, I retired to my room, and began reading the first book. With the occasional break to snuggle with Nike, I went through 184 pages of the first book...and then went to sleep somewhere around 9:00 AM. Thus, my sleep schedule has gone kablooey!

In other news, I have been engaging a copy of my old Vampyre Blog. I was having so much fun with it until the point where I made an entry that had me sitting there and thinking, Wait...What?!? Where the heck is this story going?!? I fixed that final entry a couple of nights ago, and am considering continuing to write it offline. It feels good to be writing something again. But what I really need is to get my new computer ordered and assembled.

Now there's an issue that's been bothering me. Each month I've been here, I've managed to find a way to spend my monthly income almost to the last penny, even when I no longer have to. I buy this, and I buy that, and I see something I want and grab it without thinking about how this is only slowing me down on getting a new computer assembled. I was even given financial aid by a friend back in September and managed to blow it on things for the house instead of the computer. I need to stop spending the money on crap. my final bit of news, I think my toe is getting better...very, very slowly. It's been feeling extremely uncomfortable less and less, which I take as a good sign. It still bothers me, and the weather certainly isn't helping, but I'm not suffering nearly as much as I was last week.

For now, that is. I break so danged easily, and a certain female Playgrounder suggested that when we meet, she'll end up hugging me to death. That's, ummm...not the only thing I'd like to do with her, but if one must die, I suppose there are worse ways to go. =P

Anyway, that's the latest. I have a few other things on my mind, but I've been desperately trying to keep this blog PG-13 at the most.

All of my "have a Christmas" cracks aside, I want to wish everyone the very best of holidays, with sincere wishes for a happy and healthy New year to come. Be well, my dear friends.

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Arguskos said...

It was nothing Rob. Just a call between friends. ^_^

Have a Christmas yourself (or a Hanukah, as it may be). ;)