Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just like old times...

I wanted to entitle this "Pussy in Bed," but figured someone might throw a fit for what that might implies. Still, last night was all about exactly that.

Nike came out from under the bed, hopped onto said bed, hung out by my feet for a bit, and growled when I'd pet her. I figured it was a start, and that it'd be a few more days before she stopped growling at me. Then, while I was reading the "Werewolf: Apocalypse" manual, she sauntered over and laid down...on the book.

This was old news for me. Nike tended to want to be close to me when i was living in AZ, and would often plant herself on whatever I was reading. So I adjusted her and the book, to which she only mewled a couple of times, and then we both settled down. I read while she leaned in close to me.

And that was that. For most of the night, Nike stayed by me, either making an attempted to share the pillow, or trying to mold herself to my body. I know she went wandering out of the room at one point, because I heard the door open (it doesn't close properly), so I looked up and saw it had enough room for a cat to sneak out. Then there was a loud hullabaloo as Nike and Jenny clashed...again..., and then she was back in the room, snuggling with papa. =)

Now, this news may be a tad upsetting to one of my readers, aqnd I'm sorry, Arguskos...but the fact is that she knew me for almost five years before I handed her off, and I'm sure it was ultimately comforting to her to know she could comfortably return to old habits.

But then, to give you comfort, something occurred to me the other day, and I thought I should tell you exactly how helpful you've been to little old me.

Remember ages and ages ago, when you and Kat sent me that care package? Well, I'm still working my way through the Q-tips. And the razors...? Well, I finally went out and bought more at the start of this month. Oh...when you came to get Nike, you brought me all of those powdered drink mixes - the ever-yummy and chock-full-of-vitamin-C cran-raspberry mix - and I still have a month or so's worth left. (I have rediscovered a love of diet root beer, so going through the drink mix has taken longer.)

These seem like little things, but when I received them, I was in dire straights. Now that I have room for a few luxuries, albeit very few, one might think that I've forgotten those little things...taken them for granted. I haven't. It sounds silly, but every time I reach for a Q-tip, I'm reminded of your kindness. If ever you start feeling extra down, remember the good, like helping some old, disabled guy as you did, hundreds of miles from where you live.

So...I'm feeling...okay-ish. Nike is adjusting faster than I expected. To be honest, I thought she'd make a nest under the bed and live there for the remainder of her days. No, she's getting used to things, thank goodness. And when it comes to having a friend, Arguskos definitely ranks high on the grand list of people I've met on the net, and turned out to be a quality person. =)

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Arguskos said...

Thank you Rob. You are a gentleman of honor, you are. I simply try to live up to your fine example. :)