Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oklahoma and WAR!

Well, folks...I have Nike back. The journey to get her was...ummm...yeah. And, of course, once I got her back here, the war IMMEDIATELY got underway.

First, the trip with Siege. Oh, this was interesting. You see, one can visually tell when one passes over the border between KS and OK. There is no sign that indicates such passage, unless you count the incredible amounts of Subway signs. It seemed that every exit sign indicated a Subway sandwich shop was there. And on either side of the interstate, there was virtually no signs of life. In KS, you see lots of farms, with plenty of cows and such. In OK, there's NOTHING! Thus, we started making comments on the possibility of ending up in the fictional town of Silent Hill, and the idea of Pyramid Head killing us was inviting. We kind of lost it when I commented, "No, not Silent Hill...Silent Subway."

Right. We reach Oklahoma City via I-35, which, without warning, turned into I-40. Let me say that again: WITHOUT WARNING! We had no idea the route had changed, but once we did, Siege got off the interstate. Since we needed gas by then, we pulled off the road altogether and he filled up while I asked directions from someone. It was simple enough. Get on the road we were next to, make a right when we reach a certain street, count the numbers until we reached the one we needed, then follow it down until we find the...SUBWAY! Yes, our designated meeting place was a Subway to start with. This only added to our growing madness.

One of the "wonderful" things about OKC is that the traffic lights are timed like crap. When your light turns green, and you hit the gas to move on, the next light - not far off - starts turning red. This slowed us down considerably. An having missed our turn, we were dreading getting lost any further. But the answer was simple, right? Just make the next turn, and we'll follow the directions from there.

No. That would be FAR too simple. The next street went about 100 feet and then turned into a freakin' parking lot!

Allow me to take a moment to say what's been happening while we were getting lost. Arguskos and I had been calling one another, and he was already waiting for us. He couldn't understand how we'd gotten lost, as he'd picked a relatively simple place to meet. Little did he know that OK was made of Subways. So Siege was ticked that we were running "late," to which I kept telling him we they were early. Now we'd found the parking lot street, and we needed to turn around, and then...

Well, the last thing we expected to see was a horse and buggy. We'd lost it some time before, and Siege was fearful of having one of his psychotic what we were seeing didn't help, and he shouted, "Ahhh! Horse!" My response, as calmly as I could make it, which wasn't that calm at all, was, "It's okay...I see it too."

Okay...We finally find the streets we need, start heading where we need to go, and then we had the meeting that I didn't plan at all. I'd hoped we could sit down with Arguskos, his girlfriend, and his friend Kyle...but upon reuniting with Nike and getting her into Siege's car, the lunatic kitty tried climbing into the air vent at the passenger's side feet. All I could see in my mind was Nike climbing into the engine where we couldn't reach her, Siege growing impatient and starting the car, and my cat would become kitty mince meat. Thus, the meeting was far more rushed. "Hi, I'd love to stay, but we gotta go."

It sucked.

Once I'd extracted Nike, I put her in the travel box and covered her with mu jacket to keep her warm. She was far from happy, but there was little else I could do while in the car. And as we left OK City, Siege went on a rant about how the entire place was made of dumb, and we were both vowing to never return if at all possible.

The trip home was made more difficult by me taking my meds a little late. If fact, it was dark by the time I took them, and I'd forgotten to remove a pill from the mix. You see, I take my Xanax mid-day if I'm feeling a lot of stress. I wasn't feeling stress...just the lunacy of OK. Instead of taking the pill out, mostly because I didn't see it in my hand from the pill box I have, I popped a Xanax and rapidly found myself fighting to stay conscious. It was bad.

But we got home, safe and sound, and I got Nike out of the box and SHE...WAS...PISSED! The other cats came to see who the newcomer was, and Nike immediately started growling and hissing. When I moved to quell her, she turned to face me and Ever have a cat hiss in your face? They don't use breath mints. It was the most G-d awful smell on the planet in that moment in time.

Well, now there was no getting her to head to the kitchen to eat, nor could I show her where the litter box was, as she'd decided the only place to be was under my bed. I surrendered to this fact, and the effects of my meds, and collapsed

...for five hours! By then, Nike had to be hungry, and since she wasn't going to leave my room, I brought her a little food, which she devoured rapidly. I tried to...Well, Argus gave me a bottle of water for her on the trip, although I had no idea how I'd get her to drink from the bottle. Now that I had it, I opened it, poured some water into the cap, and put it down. Nike chose not to drink the water, but decided she wanted to bottle cap, which she carried off under the bed.

And that's where we stand at the moment. Nike is pissed at the world, and I've decided to let instinct do some of the work for me. She'd going to need to eat at some point, and her bowls are in the kitchen. (I made the mistake of giving her a little food in my room last night, but that won't be happening anymore.) I was also able to show her where the litter box is at one point, so that's taken care of. Now I just need to wait for her to get used to her new surroundings.

Here's hoping it's soon.

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