Friday, January 8, 2010

And then the happy computer...


Yes, the computer went from functioning on rare occasion to giving me nothing but the B.S.O.D. That's "Blue Screen Of Doom," for those unfamiliar with the term. I only had one goal when starting it up of late, and that was to save what little I've accomplished on "The Suicide Note." Now it's gone, with next to no hope of recovering what I've rewritten to date.

And I think one of the worst things I did was to name the computer. "Prometheus." I chose that because it's more than the name of a Greek titan; it also means "forethought." I liked to imagine that when I'd sit down to write, I was engaging my brain before putting the words down. Now Prometheus is dead, and it would seem there's no hope of reviving the system. Oh, I just might be able to find a way to get it running and restore it to its factory settings. But everything that was on it would be gone.

Save for my housemates computers, I am now computerless. Those late-night urges to write will have to wait until a new system is built, and that could take until September without further aid. I even went as far as to ask Ray's sister if perhaps she could make me the sizable loan of $900 to get it built faster, but there was no commitment on her part, and I'm not sure there will be. And with my time limited on my housemates' computers...well, my ability to stay in touch may become equally as limited. =(

This is Rob, hoping people are better off than I.

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