Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The dark side doesn't have cookies...

...It has WAR!

That is, Darksiders has War. This is a PS3 game that Cody and Ray picked up, and I've been sitting from time to time to watch Cody blast through the game. The story is pretty good, the graphics are awesome, and Cody is like a Jedi Master when it comes to video games.

Which is what made me a tad nervous about the very idea of playing this game. I mean, the guys have lots of console games, and what I fear most is the fact that there seem to be 1,000 commands that one needs to learn in order to play. My hands just don't have the coordination to handle such things as, "Press L3 + R1 + X + (triangle) to initiate a flying, charging swipe with your scythe." Such commands make me miss my old Sega CD, in which the control had an analog pad and buttons A, B, and C. And THAT used to make me miss my even older Atari console, in which there was a joystick and a red button.

However, at one point I decided I should at least give these games a shot. And the reason I had such a thought was because of the potential workout those consoles would give my hands.

My first serious foray into the console games the guys have was Ghostbusters. This had to be the simplest of all their games, in that there was no great demand to press so many buttons all at once. What's more, there's a "trophy" one can earn by beating the game after having done over $3,000.000 worth of damage to your surroundings. Talk about an opportunity to let out some pent up frustrations! I believe I left a room in the NY Public Library with little more than books scattered on the ground; I'd basically vaporized every chair, table, and lamp along the way.

And I beat it on "easy" mode. This wasn't easy, since, as I said, my hands just aren't what they used to be. But I did get the workout for which I was looking.

In fact, having watched Cody play Darksiders long enough, I decided to brave the game. Now I'm slowly working my way through demonic and angelic hordes, desperately trying to figure out who it was that summoned the first horseman, War, and brought the Apocalypse early. (Really...whoever took the Bible like this and turned it on its ear did some amazing storytelling.)

Ah, but as mentioned, this isn't about playing a game and having some fun with my free time. This is about trying to see what I can get my hands to do. And while I'm not getting all of the results I'd like to see, the heel of my palm, specifically that which connects to my thumbs, is either being built up or is merely swollen. It's likely a combination of both. What I should do is see if there's some way to get more of my fingers involved...but I don't see how at the moment. The consoles are designed to be held by your fingers and palms while your thumbs cause destruction on the game.

That said, I'm off, dear readers. I have a cold, or something acting like a cold, and it's making me miserable. So much so that I have all but demanded the company we tend to regularly have to stay away for a bit while I attempt to get over this thing. I hope it happens soon, since I ultimately feel guilty for enforcing isolation on my housemates. Then again, I didn't permanently ban anyone. I just want some peace while I'm sick. Not too much to ask, right?

Be well, folks...At least, be "weller" than I am at this moment.

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