Sunday, January 24, 2010

Epic rejection!

So...Last Friday night, Ray, Steve, and I pile into Ray's car and headed to the nearest mall, which is about 15 miles away. Various financial things had been discussed, and it was determined that Ray REALLY to own Star Trek Online, but doesn't have the funds for it. With his birthday coming up, I figured this would do nicely. By adding the credit of an unused Christmas gift, the purchase was much less than it would've been.

After we pre-ordered the game, we then went on a quest for a video game manual for me. I just wanted it, and it seemed that everywhere we went, this thing just didn't exist.

Our travels took us to a used book store, and I grabbed a couple of novels at $5 a pop for myself. I then headed toward the checkout with Steve in tow, and it was obvious to both of us that the cashier was VERY cute. But she wasn't initially at her register, and we stood on line for all of 30 seconds before she saw us standing there. The following conversation took place:

Cashier: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to turn off my light; (the register light signaling her line was open).
Me: Oh. Should we go to the other line?
Cashier: No, it's my fault. I'll ring you up.
Steve: You will be duly punished.
Cashier: Yeah, I guess I should be.
Me: (mildly flirtatious) Well, I would punish you, but I think you're a bit young for me.
Cashier: Oh, G-d...No!

There was absolutely nothing subtle about her delivery of that last line. One would think I'd asked for one of her kidneys out of the blue. Even Steve, who flirts with just about any female with a pulse, was impressed by the level of rejection I'd met. I wasn't even all that serious, yet that young woman made it infinitely clear that I should make every effort to shut up and go away.

Maybe I should just marry Nike and be done with the whole relationship thing. =/


Black Pants Guy said...

at least you got a laugh out of it, eh?

evan said...

Interspecies marriage: is there anything it can't do?