Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a happy computer...

It lived with a nice man, named Rob. And the computer was pleased to do all that Rob asked of it. Oh, it would become sick from time to time, but Rob got something called an extended warranty. Thus, when the computer fell ill, Rob was able to call specialists to fix it.

Then the warranty ended, and the happy computer blew up.

The end.

Seriously, this seems to be the way all computers work. You buy them, spend a little extra to ensure they work for an extended period of time, and the moment the warranty ends, the system practically develops a technological version of cancer.

Over the last few weeks, my computer has stopped working at random moments. I've tried to minimalize what I do with it, such as restrict myself to writing...but even that seems to be too much of a task. I will crank out a full page of something, only to have the entire system lock up on me. Somewhere along the way, the auto-save function fails, and by the time I get the computer to agree to restart, which is a trick unto itself, I discover most of what I've written is gone. My real favorite when writing is to hit ctrl+S to save it, only to have the computer lock up at THAT moment.

As for starting the computer...The "trick," as I mentioned before, is to pound on the tower repeatedly until something inside is jostled just right. Otherwise, the power light is yellow, and the fan sounds like it's on overdrive.

I'm not a dimwit. I know just a few things about my computer that I can check to see what's going on. I mean, I got it up in safe mode and checked the event log. Aside from those times where my DVD ROM has refused to read a disc, there's been another issue in which a piece of connected hardware isn't working. Does the computer tell me what piece it is? No, that would make things simple. I also started the system in a diagnostic mode and spent some time checking the hardware. It passed all the tests I could run. I am left to believe Stan has possessed my computer, and is running it in a chaotic evil fashion.

This means that I can't do anything on my computer with a sense of comfort. I want to be working on my rewrite of "The Suicide Note," but don't trust my system to save it. Watching a movie in the quiet of my room, or playing a game is a waste, because that event log had plenty of "disc read error" messages to make me leery of using it, not to mention the CD-RW drive keeps popping open at random.

All of this boils down to the fact that I need a new computer DESPERATELY. I gave my Dad a call to ask if he would LOAN me $900 to get it built faster, and he said he just couldn't afford to do it. Thus, I will have to do it $100 at a time over the next year, slowly gathering the parts for my housemate Cody to assemble. Thus far, between last month and this month, we've pruchased an inexpensive but well-ventilated case and, as of today, a mother board.

I suppose the key is that I want to have a computer built that won't be obsolete as swiftly as the standard store-bought systems. My housemates, for example, have systems with quad processors in them...which, essentially, is overdoing the capacity needed for just about anything out there at the moment. I'm told there are just a few programs, and not very good ones, that might need a dual processor. For all I know, by the time I make the purchase, octo-processors will be available.

So...any of my faithful readers out there sitting on large piles of cash? =P

Seriously, the sooner I get this thing built, the happier everyone will be. I can stop invading my housemates' rooms and start doing things in the privacy of MY little cave. There are things going into "the Suicide Note" I'd rather not reveal just yet, since I'm just getting to know them. As I write it, I'll be making the necessary mental adjustments to get it published, in which I'll need to brace for the entire world knowing that I have...well, some issues I haven't discussed with anyone. (Again, I'm trying to keep this blog PG-13 at the most.) And loading their computers with an extra program here, or an extra program's not fair to them.

Yeah, my PayPal account is still open, but the max I can take out is $500 in a single month. It rarely gets filled to capacity, anyway, and I'm not exactly looking for the kind of help I had in the past. I'd honestly appreciate the lump sum, if possible.

It's a tall order, my friends, and I suspect anyone who'd consider it will think carefully about it. So let me be clear about the terms of this loan, shoul anyone actually consider it. I spoke to Cody and Ray when I was going to approach my father, and I made it clear that I would be $100/month shy should Dad agree to help me. The reason for that was my intent to pay Dad $100/month until said loan was paid off. And living on $700/month isn't as hard here as it was in AZ. These guys only come to me when their finances are in a bad way and something is needed. They never come at me with something they want. (Well, there was the HD TV that's now in the living room, but that was our X-Mas gift to one another, and Cody paid for most of it; Ray and I chipped in only $100 each. And, come the end of Dec., there was over $90 still in my bank account!) Unless some dire financial emergency comes along, which has yet to happen here, I can commit to $100 per month as a payback schedule.

Now, I mentioned that someone had already attempted to help me with the new computer thing. That was toward the end of Sept./start of Oct. That money went toward moving finances, much to my regret...kinda. I mean, I was glad to spend the money and help housemates, and by extension myself, out. So to the person that gave me $200...if you feel the need to be paid back, let me know, and we'll see what we can work out.

Then again, I never did ask anyone for holiday gifts. NINE OF YOU SEND ME LATE X-MAS GIFTS OF $100 EACH! =P

*contented sigh* Y'know, this is a wonderful difference from when I was living alone in AZ. Not only have I been able to buy things that I simply WANT, but I still manage to have a little still in the bank come the end of each month. It wasn't that long ago when I was pleading on a regular basis to be able to afford something to eat. Now, on our seemingly regular trips to Wal-Mart, I can pass a movie, a household item that would make the home a better place, or even help to feed my housemates when their wallets are empty. To a degree, I'm living again, instead of merely existing. And that, my friends, is a good feeling. =)

If you are considering lending me aid in the great computer endeavor, contact me first! The reason I say that is my intent to pay people back for this, as a computer is actually a luxury in my eyes. Should a number of people come together on this, I need to split my payments between them. Speak before you send...and whatever you do, don't, under any circumstances, send money to my old address in AZ. It will NOT be forwarded, and your donations will go nowhere except, possibly, into the wrong pockets. Contact me before you help, IF you help.

Be well, my collection of dear friends. Be very, VERY well. =)

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HellfireLover said...

I would like nothing more than to help, but since I find myself financially straitened (having a job would help), it's back to old clothes and porridge for me. My apologies, for that and lack of gifts. Don't seem to have been thinking straight since being signed off by the GP. Head is duly being removed from arse post-haste. Sorry to hear that the weather is not to your liking, although can do as little about that as owts else; I take it you don't want to swap for the thigh-high snow and two-foot icicles currently gathering momentum on my home? (Woefully unprepared for weeks of sub-zero temperatures, despite legendary Scottish hardiness and tolerance to hard frost.) Ah, i apologize again - I'm rambling. The old brain breaks down once again; you can't get the parts, you know.

Anyway, take care; I always read your posts, even if I don't respond, because of aforesaid head-up-arseness. I therefore end this post with 'Be... Good, and if you can't be good, be careful.' ;-)