Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New nicknames...?

Hmmm..."Gravity Master"...? No, I'm a victim of gravity, and certainly not a master of it. "Air Tripper"...? Well, I often joke that all it takes is one stubborn air molecule to trip me. How about just plain old "Crash?" Because no matter what the cause is, the result is me crashing into something.

I plan on keeping folks apprised of my medical status, as I'm waiting on some MRI results, but last night was...interesting.

I was on my bed and moved to stand up. My left knee refused to accept my weight and gave out on my. It did so painfully, so I yelped and I collapsed in the direction of the nearest wall. That's where Ray found me, leaning at the angle I'd stopped the fall, on the cusp of tears. Ray offered to help, but I was rather stubborn and said that I was able to extricate myself from that position.

I did...then reached for my crutches, which Ray helped me reset to my glorious height of 5' 8". Then, as I tried to get around the house on them, I realized that the narrow hallway of our trailer is not conducive to crutch-walking. Cane-walking it is!

I'm without it today, and I sense that may only be temporary. I'm convinced that something in my knee ripped or has worn itself down to nothing. What that something is, I haven't a clue. That's what the MRI was for. In fact, they took pictures of BOTH knees, since the right isn't in great shape either. I spent close to an hour and a half in that MRI tube, reading a book, and trying not to have...ummm..."naughty thoughts" about the MRI technician, who was both very cute and very married. (Oh, I had started to flirt, only to notice the GIANT rings on her left hand, and gave up swiftly.)

But...yeah, my left knee is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. It's reducing my ability to get around, even when I simply stay home.

And staying home is NOT what I want to do, especially with the warmer months coming up. You see, I just KNOW there's going to be a GitP meet-up in TN coming soon, and a part of me wants to go rather badly. Being in a slightly better financial position, I have every intention of getting a motel room all to myself, because I have yet to successfully end some of my bad habits...or bad HABIT, singular. And I want to show off how good I smell with my new bottle of Red Shirt. "Smell like there's no tomorrow!" Hehehe!

Still, there's been no thread about the pending meet-up. They usually start planning these things months in advance. I tried to reach out to my Hippie friend, but he probably didn't answer my call because it was an unfamiliar phone number. Oh well. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I need those MRI results. I'm in pain. Walking is becoming less than a secondary skill. And if I keep taking these painkillers as regularly as I have been, I'm going to wake one morning to find a hole on the left side of my torso and a note, written by my liver. "I'm sick of your abuse! I'm leaving! Don't try to find me."

"Liverless." It sounds both unique and...death-inspiring.

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Arguskos said...

Rob, in case you didn't notice yet, there IS a Tennessee meetup in June (Johnson City, I think). I'll be trying to make it, as will a massively large number of folks apparently. Let's hope this knee doesn't lay you up for too long, yeah? :)

Thoughts from my quarter, as always. Sorry I haven't been around much, life's been... busy.