Friday, February 19, 2010

Relief and pain, all at once.

I can stand knowing something is wrong, but not knowing what. Now I know what, and I'm relieved as far as that goes...but it still hurts a heck of a lot!

After several phone calls to my doctor's office, the MRI results are in. I have a torn medial meniscus, which is the cartilage padding between the knee and tibia. (The tibia is that big bone in the lower leg.) This explains why my entire lower leg feels like it's popping back into place when I straighten my knee.

Now, I had a feeling it would be something like this. I was already of a mind that surgery would be required to fix it. Lo and behold, most information on the web says that the only way to repair such a tear is surgery. The severity of the tear will dictate how invasive that surgery is.

I'm hoping for the least of the surgical options, which is to simply remove the torn bit. Take it out and wait for it to heal. This can be done athroscopically, meaninf they poke small holes in my knee, fill it with fluid, then use surgical extensions to go in and take it out.

The other less invasive procedure would involve trying to suture the tear in the hopes that it will heal properly.

But the one I fear most, and pray will not even be an option, it to remove the entire meniscus. That will probably involve opening the knee completely to take the whole thing out. Very invasive, very painful, and promises a long recovery.

That last one...Well, I'm hoping beyond hope that that doesn't become the case. I mean, I'm dealing with a specialist. The soonest they could book me was March 4. With any kind of luck whatsoever, the surgery will take place before March is out. Take the month of April to recovery as completely as I can, given my pre-existing medical conditions, and then go to the GitP meet-up. Because I don't want anything standing in the way of that.

Ah, but I should head for that very thread and let them know what's going on. No all Playgrounders come to read my adventures here, and keeping them in the loop would be a kindness...No?

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