Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Star Quest: The Blessedly Lost Episodes

That's the working title of what is becoming a group project. And let em tell you, with the amount of upset I've been suffering from the fallout with Julie, I'm glad for the distraction.

I'm not exactly sure how it started, but one of the regulars here at our home is a guy named Wyatt, and he's decided he'd like to be captain of a starship. Like, Star Trek kind of starship. What's more, he's been making everyone he knows an officer aboard his vessel. And on top of that, absolute NONE of the adventures will be serious. It's all silliness and the like, crammed onto a space fairing vessel, with a crew seeking out the next great encounter that they can screw up completely.

I don't want to give away the many ideas that have been streaming out of our heads during brainstorming sessions, but it has been completely decided that I am to be the Chief Medical Officer. We've come up with an alternative name for the medication I'll be administering, but basically it's morphine. Allow me to clarify. As the CMO, I'll be treating EVERYTHING with morphine.

Crewman: Doc, I have a sore throat.
Crewman: Oh, wow...Well, I still have a sore throat; I just don't care about it.
(Then I use the hypospray on myself as well.)
Me: I don't care either.

Mind you, that's just one gag of about a hundred that seems to come to mind every night.

And why mention this little shtick at all? Because there's talk of making it into a bunch of web videos to share with the world. It will likely be filled with all kinds of adult humor, from crude sexual jokes to theme of violence and drugs. And how do we get away with this kind of thing while borrowing directly from the world of Star Trek? Well, it would seem the captain has issues a firm rule aboard his vessel: "Don't tell Starfleet."

Oh...and to further distract me, since I'm the one with the screenwriting program, I've apparently been drafted as the official writer of our "show."

We'll see how it goes. If it works out, I'll share what I can. And if it doesn't work out...well, I'll still share what I can.

Be well.

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