Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still PRACTICING medicine

Since my life has become filled with doctors, the phrase "practicing medicine" has become a bit disturbing. One is left to wonder: when they will stop practicing and get it right?

Well, it's not today. You see, I had my monthly doctor's appointment today, and I received the complete radiology report on the x-rays of my knees and feet.

My knees - Seems there's nothing to see on an x-ray. The bones appear to be exactly where they belong, with nothing noteworthy. Thus, I am actually going for an MRI on each knee tomorrow. The pain has to be coming from somewhere, and I'm determined to find out where.

My feet - this is where medicine takes a turn for the stupid. I received a card in the mail declaring that the x-rays were normal. No part of my was willing to believe that, and I've been telling just about anyone with ears that the x-rays were flat-out lying. I mean, the nurse practitioner I see monthly could see something was wrong. *I* could see something was wrong, and I'm not trained to see it at all. So SOMETHING had to be wrong.

I received the full report at the doctor today. Lo and behold, the report was actually an exercise in dumb. According to the NP, the report started out with a summary that said there was nothing abnormal with my feet. The detailed notes, however, ran down a list of bones that were malformed. I even have a bone spur right around the middle of my left foot that, blessedly, hasn't been bothering me. Despite the laundry list of bones with various defects, the summary managed to say, "No abnormalities."

The whole thing makes me wonder what doctors are learning while in med school. Imagine, if you will, walking into your doctor's office, and the following conversation occurs:

You: So, doc. What were the test results.
Doc: It says exactly what I thought ut'd say. It's still cancer.
You: Wait a minute. I have CANCER?!?
Doc: No...It's STILL cancer.
You: You idiot! You didn't tell me I had cancer to start with!
Doc: Oops. My bad.

I know I have Charcot's joint, with my feet currently being affected the most. But I had these x-rays taken to find out if it was progressing. Obviously, it is. But the idiot doctor making the report shouldn't be reporting it like it's old news. These are my freakin' feet. They're the only set I've got. To report deformities like I should be okay with that, expecting it to just get worse, instead of hoping for it to at least stay status quo, is a level of stupidity that erases the fact that this person received MANY years of higher education.

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