Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful hauntings

So...more and more time has been spent chatting on the phone with Neko, and we've been covering a lot of the usual ground. Family life, work, (or lack thereof), and exes. For Neko, that last conversation doesn't have many choices. She's only in her mid-20's. For me, however, it's a longer list. There was a time when I was far more active in the girlfriend search, and I would come up gold often enough.

One of the things that gets me in both good and bad ways are the memories I have of some of those lovely ladies. (Some weren't so lovely...In fact...Well, maybe I shouldn't say that here. Kids may be watching. =P ) Much of the good entails the actual relationship I had, while the bad revolves mostly around the breakups. Of course, there were a few with whom everything just seemed...wrong.

Take my ex, Eileen. Oh, here was a true winner. I was driving her home one evening, and I had the radio on low enough so we could chat. She hadn't said a word since getting in the car, so I looked over at her a moment and said, "Hmmm...You seem rather pensive." Now, not everyone knows what "pensive" means. If you don't, you could look it up. Or, if used in conversation, you might pause to ask for a definition. On the chance you are unfamiliar with the word, it means "musingly or dreamily thoughtful." That being said, you can only imagine what went through my head as she replied, "No, I'm just thinking."

Of course, I've mentioned Perlin before. (I know this because she's one of the subject tags.) Not sure what I said, but she was the first woman for me to which I was engaged. The problem with that relationship is that I'd mistaken love for lust. That girl was insatiable when it came to bedroom romps. Heck, even that's not appropriate. They were more like "bedroom/living room/bathroom/car/empty playground at midnight/empty classroom at college/all over the empty house your family is moving out of" romps.

Later on, I found out that Perlin had cheated on me with at least three different guys. This news makes me feel much worse for calling her by the wrong name at one point.

Oh, I never told you about that? Well, Perlin and I had been...busy...for a while, I it was yet another session where she'd exhausted me. So I was lying there, slowly losing consciousness, and she was still in a playful mood. She started toying with my hand in some way, which eventually caused me to softly moan, "Mmm...Jackie." Perlin almost killed me.

"Who's Jackie?" I never mentioned Jackie?!? Oh, she was a positively HUGE crush I had back in my early 20's. The thing that stopped me from doing anything with her was the fact that she was dating my friend Mike. This fact didn't stop me from telling her that I was essentially falling in love with her, or spending entirely too many hours alone with her. (We were just talking, folks!) But I was absolutely crazy about her, and my relationship with Perlin was all well and good...but I'd been after Jackie for YEARS at that point.

It didn't help that I spent one evening administering something called "The Purity Test" to both Jackie and a very sexy friend of hers. It's 1,000 questions, and it's almost ENTIRELY about sex. My friends, you have no idea what suffering is when you are alone with two lovely ladies, and you hit the section about same-sex activities...and find out they've done things together! And you just know they were out to make me squirm, because all of those questions require or a no. NONE of them need details...but I received plenty that night!

There are others who've been popping into my head. Julie (whom I've mentioned plenty), Christine (with whom I made a HUGE mistake), Shari (my first kiss), Randy (my first idiot), Jennifer (a "story teller" I've already spoken of with Neko), Amy, (Neko's picture reminds me of her) and, of course, Robin. These don't include some of my high school crushes, like the girl theat ended up forming a friendship between Mush and I, or "the Ice Maiden," who was oh so cute, and about as emotional as a canister of Freon.

Well, I should be on my way. Neko should be calling again soon. G-d, I really need to switch my calling plan to unlimited. This woman is going to eat all of my minutes...and maybe a part of my soul, with them! (I kid, I kid!)

Be well, all.

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