Monday, March 8, 2010

Eye couldn't handle it

Well, I saw a retinal specialist today. Once again, the news isn't good. I have officially been diagnosed with advanced retinopathy, also called proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR). My right eye being so much of a concern that the doc opted to do emergency laser surgery right then and there.

The good news: she didn't require me to endure a floroscein angiogram. I say this is good because I react poorly to the dye that's used. It makes me toss my cookies...which actually involves neither tossing nor cookies. I avoided food all morning so as not to have to deal with anything solid trying to find its way back out.

The bad news is that the damage can easily be seen without it. There was enough neovascularization, new blood vessel growth (that are much weaker than original equipment), to warrant firing up the laser immediately.

I was prepared for this. It's happened in the past, so it wasn't anything I was concerned about...except that this doctor used methods with which I was unfamiliar. Oh, the contraption where I rest my head was old news...but that's where it stopped. She used a device that was designed to hold my right eye open, without allowing me to blink. The pressure of this thing against my eye hurt. There was also an assistant that stood behind me and held a hand to the back of my neck to stop me fro jerking away; no pressure was applied, but the presence of that hand became a factor in...

My anxiety attack! Yes, with everything that was happening in that moment, my subconscious translated it as me being attacked. I started to shake and sweat, and pleaded for us to continue another time...which will be next Monday.

With that, I'm off. The dilation of my eyes hasn't fully worn off, and I don't want to strain my eyes any further to keep writing.

Be well, all.

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