Monday, March 15, 2010

Eye was so close...

Eye Surgery: Part II - Revenge of the Final Chapter of the Dead! Or something like that.

I was ready this time. AS mentioned previously, I acquired just a few 5 mg. Valiums from my PCP so I could handle the eye surgery. Once I got there, I also discussed an actual injection to handle the pain of that device they put in my eye to keep me from blinking. However, I learned something about that shot that made me think twice immediately. You see...Oh pun intended, and I'm sorry to all victims. Anyway, that shot involves putting a needle in just under the eye and pushing it back far enough to inject very near to the optic nerve. I may have thought twice, but that didn't alter my resolve. I wanted to complete the surgery today.

Luckily, there was another option. They were able to apply an anesthetic gell, not drops, to my eye, which seemingly numbed the surface just fine. I specify the surface because of what eventually happened.

The doc was so close to the end of the procedure, and I'd been told by both her and her assistant that things were going much better than last time...and then I started feeling pain from the laser. What had been mild discomfort in the past was starting to really sting as the doc concentrated on one area or another.

My reaction was no longer one borne of PTSD, but of discomfort. I couldn't continue because every shot with the laser was causing pain. Thus, with the job only 80% complete, we called it quits again, with the completion set for three weeks from today. The assistant washed the remnants of the gel from my eye, patched it as per my request so that I wouldn't try to unconsciously fiddle with my numb eye, and I was on my way...

Only to experience a new problem once I was in the car. I have no idea what was causing it, although a guess would be trying to view the world through an uncovered eye with a dilated pupil with that bright, bright sun above, but I was INCREDIBLY nauseous. I did what I used to in the past, and that was to take deep breaths and concentrate on not throwing up in the car. Once we parked in front of our home, however, the fight was lost. I could no longer keep my act together, and I knew there was no way I'd make it inside. So with all the world to see me, as various neighbors were coming home from work at that hour, I leaned against the trailer and brought up everything that was still in my stomach. Thankfully, it was only fluids, as I hadn't actually eaten anything all day prior.

And now, my friends, I need to get back to bed. The numbing gel is slowly wearing off, my eye is starting to ache, and I am physically exhausted from the days activities. In my next entry, I will hopefully remember to post about the new arrival in my life.

Be well. =)

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Loulou said...

Bleh, poor you. Eye surgery is so gross (did I mention I've applied for a job as a trainee optical advisor?) My father suffers iritis, also known as anterior uveitis, and has described in painful detail the process of having a local anaesthetic delivered by needle into the eyeball. It didn't sound pleasant.

Hope things go well for you at the next session. x