Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Suspicions rising

About a month ago, I failed to come here and report something rather serious. You see, since leaving AZ and my pesky neighbor Eddie, I discovered that my prescription for percocet would last more than the month for which it was written, provided the weather was good. (It's quite an involved tale, but Eddie was was never able to manage his own pain meds very well.) Here in KS, I went from being right on schedule with my painkillers to being approximately one week ahead. I had about 40 extra tablets one which I could rely should my pain become unbearable.

Last month, however, pills went missing. At first, I doubted what I was experiencing. Was I taking extras? Did I spill them from the pill divider that I've used for years? Did Nike, my little furry ball of hate and mischief, find the plastic thing that made noise, play with it, and manage to lose some of my pills? (That last was possible, since a couple of the compartments were opened.)

No...Something was wrong, here. These meds, which I rely upon entirely too much to remain mobile, had vanished. I brought it to the attention of Ray and Cody, and we confronted the most likely suspect, Steve. He's had a thing for percocets in the past, and my pills sitting in my room seemed like an opportunity he just couldn't pass up.

I refused to do several things. I didn't want a genuine confrontation, and in no way was I going to start playing "friend police." While Ray seemed willing to start keeping a careful eye on who went where when they came to visit, I remained adamant on the issue. Instead, I would simply hide the bottles and keep the pill divider on me at all times, and that's what I've been doing since.

However, events this evening have me thinking Steve may actually have been the correct suspect all along. You see, Steve lost his job this evening. He lost it due to an accumulation of petty thefts. He works at a place where games, DVDs, and CDs can be traded for store credit or cash. Well, occasionally he would take an item in, not process it correctly, hang on to the product, and sell it himself to the store for cash, which he would then use for food. (After the fact, numerous people have told him that if he'd just made a phone call, he would have been fed without the complicated thefts.) For his actions, he was not only fired, but placed under arrest. His thefts came to an approximated total of $450 over the course of many months.

Where MY suspicions lie is the fact that several people mentioned that he may have been caught at work trying to make some kind of "percocet deal." That phrase definitely got my attention. It seems Steve has more of an issue with percocets than I was initially led to believe. If he's been seeking ways to occasionally score the exact medication I use daily, my pill divider sitting in my room was even more inviting that folks have mentioned.

So...Was I lied to? I have no idea. The fact that he was arrested for theft at the place where he earned the money he needed to LIVE has me leaning toward the idea that I was deceived to some extent. What trust I DID have in Steve is evaporating, rapidly from the looks of it. And while quite a bit of dark humor has been bandied about this evening after the dramatic firing/arrest, I am very concerned. A part of me wants to demand that he not be unattended at any time when under our roof. No more spending the night; no more being left alone in our living room while people vanish into other parts of the trailer to do whatever; no more "knock and enter" privileges for him. I'm of a mind that Steve stole the very meds that keep me walking...and the only proof I have is his word that he didn't. And that's not enough. I only know him since October, and "innocent until proven guilty" isn't holding up as of tonight. I mean, he stole from his workplace, where his closest friend is the manager. If he would do this to his closest friend, (Wyatt), what would stop him from stealing from a guy he knows four months?

*sigh* The pills, as is now habit, are in my pocket. I would rather I didn't have to take this measure, But there's no other choice at the moment. If I had my way, I'd banish him from this household, just to play it safe. Alas, mine is not the final word, and so I take precautions. But I have enough crap on my plate...and I certainly don't need this.

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