Friday, March 26, 2010

Too funny!

On 10 March 2010, I wrote about "just Cause 2," a game that was due for release on 23 March. Well, Cody and Ray bought it the day it came out, and it is being played almost non-stop. It's a great deal of fun to go around in this "open sandbox" format and do that which is your actual assignment: cause chaos.

Now, I felt a little lost without the all of the things I experienced in the demo, so I sought that exact region and started wiping out all of those military bases that had brought me such grief. Okay, that's not true. I was the one to cause grief. The demo only allowed for a half hour of play, which limited the amount of destruction you could bring to this fictional country. I had a favorite spot, where I would acquire a tank, destroy most of the base around it, (but not all), and drive it between the base and a nearby gas station, blowing UP* every soldier that came to attack me.

The game collects various statistic, and one of those was the amount of kills you'd get. Because I was obviously a murderous psychopath on the game, our friend Steve assured me that 200 kills was possible. Given a mission, I set about reaching this goal. As it turned out, I garnered so much attention from the military that they dispatched paratroopers to dispatch me. They were kind enough to land and gather in a nice, tight group...that was easy to obliterate with my tank. >=) According to the stats, I reached a kill count of 209.

So I thought, Fine. I passed 200, surpassed the goal, and will probably never be able to do it again. Lo and behold, the very next round I played produced a count of 212! It was that number I never beat...during the demo, anyway.

So now we have the game, and revenge would be mine! I returned to the desert and wiped out entire military bases filled with soldiers begging to be blown to pieces.

For reasons unknown to me, Steve searched for game cheats this evening, and didn't uncover game-breaking codes...but did uncover the "bubble gun." With such a violent game, one would think it'd be a piece of science fiction weaponry that found its way into the game. Nope. It is a colorful toy gun that releases little soap bubbles that just float in random directions. But standing alone in a field with this...weapon...left us unsure. Thus, Cody sought the nearest military base. The moment he was seen, the soldiers started shouting, weapons were brought to bear, bullets began to fly...and Cody sprayed his opponents with with tiny, drifting bubbles that would vanish the moment they touched anything. Steve and I were hysterical, watching the main character sprinting away, his "gun" aimed behind him, firing soap bubbles.

Other things that were discovered...

A hot air balloon, with two basic directions: up and down.

That which is supposed to be the remnants of flight 815 from the show "Lost." There's even a secret hatch out in the woods. (I never watched the show, so it meant very little to me.)

I missed it, but there something was said about a strip club, (actually a blimp), floating high above the country.

This is just some of the silliness that's been discovered. With luck, there'll be even more to find at a later date. =)

*Thanks, Cody, for the rather late revelation of the missing word. >=P

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