Monday, May 17, 2010

Alone at last!

Well, Becky and I have escaped to our motel room. Oh, I can't tell you how glad I am that she vowed to pay for it, or I'd be a very poor man indeed. $463 for a week. What happened to weekly rates and discounts, huh?

Once again, we went absolutely crazy once we were alone. That's right. The clothing went flying...only to get into something more comfortable, and then we busted out the Chess board. I tell ya, we really live on the edge.

Of course, being alone offers more opportunity for more "adult" activities...but I'm still determined to play the role of the loving, caring gentleman. In fact, there seems to have been quite a bit of role reversal going on. I'm the one taking things slow, occasionally suffering from a case of nerves, and she's the one looking to get into my pants!

SHE'S JUST USING ME FOR MY BODY! (Which makes little sense to me, since my body isn't anything worth fighting over.)

Today is my scheduled visit to the surgeon's office. As far as I know, it's my pre-surgical visit. I need to be physically cleared for surgery, since general anesthesia is required. Tomorrow is wound care followup. And these are the things I wanted Becky to truly experience...not non-stop making whoopee. Becky needs to see the realities of my life. Without such things, she can't make a true and proper judgment about keeping me in her life.

In terms of the surgeon, I'm planning of giving the okay to operate on the 28th of this month. By then, Becky will be safe at home, getting back into the swing of things after a long and relaxing vacation.

And that's another thing for which I'm ultimately glad. Becky needed a TRUE vacation. She said before leaving PA, "When you want to stab your clients, it's time for a vacation." Last night was a statement as to how relaxed she's become while with me. Here in the motel room we have a king-sized bed, as opposed to my full-sized futon back in the trailer. I was up several times last night, yet she remained asleep the entire time. This includes the point where I returned to bed, draped an arm over hers, and drifted off again. My actions never woke her.

Oh...and as a special note, our best behavior is being enforced by my body. An old pain has returned to haunt me. It's in my right hip. Usually, the pain is deep within, right in the joint. Occasionally, however, the pain occurs in the muscles on my hip, and that's what's been happening. In fact, I' been popping painkillers like they're M-n-Ms. (Still as per doctor's orders, but it feels like I'm reaching for them constantly.)

And that's all I have at the moment. As long as I still have something to report, I'll be taking advantage of Becky's laptop and the Wifi in the motel. =)

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