Saturday, May 15, 2010

And another thing...

In response to the utterly goofy idea I would bring Becky to any harm whatsoever, I have been...well, I've been as goofy as the idea itself.

Becky is to check in with her mother daily. So yesterday, during that call, I was in the background declaring that I hadn't killed her...yet. Becky was all smiles as she said I wasn't helping her mother's disposition. As I understand it, her mother laughed briefly and said Becky was correct.

I was no better today...kinda. I mean, I asked Becky if she'd called her mom, to which Becky said that she'd sent a text. Not good enough in my book. I want her mother to hear a voice, not read words anyone can type. So Becky called while I stepped out of the room. Upon my return, I picked up my cane and feigned the screeching of music heard during psycho movies. As the call progressed, I made a joke that I'd suggested earlier in the day. "Do you know just how axe-proof your daughter is? I've hit her at least 30 times, and even sharpened the blade the last ten. It didn't even break the skin, and I was swinging pretty hard for a disabled guy!"

This was the perfect opportunity for Becky to say, "Mom, I won't be coming home because I'll be in jail. 'Cause I'm gonna kill him."

It's good to see people taking this in stride a bit more. Oh, her family and friends will still worry. She traveled a long distance to see a guy she met on the internet. Still, we are getting along VERY well. So well, in fact, that Becky and I are getting into the habit of saying how we hope the other is the end of our searching.

We shall see. Meanwhile, we are both ridiculously happy in this moment in time, and that's what counts most.

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