Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anyone else wanna insult me?

It would seem that certain parties are hellbent on insulting me, and by extension, Becky. You see, I spoke to her not too long ago. She's safe and sound in a motel room for the night. She was even able to access the web from her room, so we were able to chat via Skype, cameras and all. But what she told me is making me more irritated with every passing moment, and it's nothing that she did.

Her mother has been checking in with her all day, asking every now and again if she'll turn around and come home. Her cousin apparently got in on the act, as well, and I have no idea if any others in her family were at it. Why are they asking her to turn around? They seem to be of the opinion that I'll turn out to be an axe murderer, and the next time they see Becky will be one tiny piece at a time, mailed to them in thousands of small envelopes. I mean, really. Do they have any idea what kind of money that would cost me in terms of postage?!?

When Becky planned her trip to Puerto Rico, her family was displeased, but they decided that she was an adult and could do as she pleases. Her mother even helped obtain the plane ticket. Ah, but Dan turned out to be a bit of a lunatic, and everyone was happy when Becky declared that she wasn't going to see him.

Compared to him, I'm a saint. The measures I've taken to ensure Becky's safety should speak volumes to the kind of person I am. Instead, everyone on her side of the world is determined to ignore my character and see me as only a disabled old man and/or a psychopath.

Old man? I'm only 42. I did the math, mostly for the laugh, and there's 18 years and four days between our ages. Becky was born at almost the exact hour I was. Meanwhile, there's a 22 year difference between her mother and her...whatever the heck he is. He's been around since Becky was a toddler, but they remain unmarried because...HE'S STILL MARRIED TO A WOMAN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD! (Something about an argument over property that neither one can be adult about and give up.) So the woman that's been with a married man for 20 years, with a 22-year difference between them, is afraid I'm too old. "Hello, Kettle? This is Pot. You're black!"

Disabled? Yes, I am. That doesn't mean I'm dead. Becky doesn't need to spoon feed me or change my diapers, (which is actually what she does for a living at this time for wheelchair bound clients). Not only am I well enough to still dress myself, but I still behave like a horny teenager from time to time, much to Becky's amusement. I'm not dead or dying, so stop making it seem like I am!

A psychopath? Only in my imagination. I can pen a nasty murder now and again. I can even muster some sick jokes. But actually bring harm to another human being...? Of my own volition?!? My readers know me better than that, and...Okay, Becky's mother doesn't know me at all, but has she spent so much as a single minute thinking about what I've done to make sure Becky is safe?

Let's look at the list, shall we?

1: Gave Becky my full name and birthday. I did this WEEKS ago and invited her to do a background check on me. She declined. Still this information was there for anyone to take advantage of. And when her mother finally decided to act on said information, it was the day before Becky was to leave. Honestly, my thought was, Better late than never. Still...Did DAN ever make such an offer? No...Not ever.

2: Gave Becky my phone number, as well as the number to the local police department. Like everyone else with a cell phone, Becky's sometimes dies on her. I practically have OCD when it comes to keeping my phone charged, so they'll have an alternate number to reach her. And on the off chance that I don't answer, or they believe I'm acting suspicious, they can summon the police.

3: Gave my address, as well as that of the motel we'll eventually be at. Why? Because calling the police with nowhere to send them is stupid. Unlike DAN, I made sure they knew where to find Becky at all times.

4: Allowed Becky to snap pics of defining scars. Just watch a few cop shows and you know that they're something the cops use to identify a suspect. If they fear I'm doing something shady, they know exactly those things that will distinguish me from others. DAN, as far as they know, is...ummm...Puerto Rican. I supposed that means they can start by arresting 50% of the people living in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and make their way down to the actual country as time permits.

5: INSISTED Becky stop driving by nightfall to rest. Back in the day, I would have driven the whole thing in a day, tired or not. But Becky has never driven for that long, and being on an interstate 95% of the way means she'd be traveling with vehicles a lot larger than hers. Get safe. Get some rest. Finish the trip the next day. While no such thing was necessary for DAN, odds are excellent he would have wanted her to do it all in one day. Had she decided on her own to stop, he would have soiled his diapers and thrown a fit.

6: INSISTED that Becky call everyone she knows back home often enough to let them know she's safe. It would be great if Becky and I could hole up in a motel for her entire visit, ordering room service or take out meals the entire time, without a soul on Earth bothering us. However, I am aware that it's too scary a prospect to send her off alone and simply hope she'll be okay. She should call daily, especially her family. As for DAN...? Well, I've come to strongly suspect that his intentions were so far from pure that purity itself was no longer visible on the horizon.

7: Lectured Becky on "no is no." Look, we're adults. Kids our age are going to play adult games when left alone. But if there's anything she's uncomfortable with, she only has to say the word and I'll give her all the space she wants. We won't even fall asleep in the same bed, as that could accidentally lead to something she may be unsure of. DAN...? The way he started begging and pleading for her to change her mind about canceling the trip makes me believe that he would have gone completely deaf had she told him to back off. My greatest fear was that he would have raped her, and Becky would have been so alone in another country.

8: Offer to go to PA first. This was the original plan, before Dan blew a gasket. My intent was to go to Becky and meet her on her own turf. She would be infinitely more comfortable with the home court advantage. Opportunity knocked, however, and SHE chose to come see me. I may have nudged a great deal, but in the end it was all her decision. As mentioned before, DAN was BEGGING, trying to make her feel bad for following her heart! I have yet to use guilt to influence her.

9: Although her mother doesn't know this one, advise Becky on tornado safety. It's common sense. A region experiences a certain type of weather, you make sure visitors know what to do in an emergency. But had a hurricane hit Puerto Rico...well, I'm already down on the guy, so I can easily imagine him shouting over the wind, "Está en su propio," and run for the hills. ("You're on your own" in Spanish. (Thanks Google translator!))

I have done all I can to try and show Becky, and those who know her, that I'm a caring guy who tries to keep himself grounded in some form of reality. With the way people have been asking her all day to turn around, I'm tempted to drive back with her and let them all know face-to-face exactly how much I appreciate it. Y'know...maybe pour some bleach into her mother's garden, urinate in her clean laundry, or...To be truly cruel, make a run to the market, find some choice poultry parts, cut them to resemble parts of the human anatomy, and mail that with a note, "The rest of your daughter will be along shortly." (Hey! I said I can be a psychopath in my imagination.) After extending as much of myself as I can in terms of making myself seem like I just might be an okay guy, her family still thinks I'm a mistake...

...which is where it becomes an insult to Becky. Yes, she's made some poor choices in the romance department. That's obvious. Then again, we all have. And the only way any of us learn is by MAKING those mistakes. Treating Becky like she's a child is outright insulting. As a result, Becky has been sending the same message all day to various relations. "Odd...I thought I was 25 and an adult."

It's bothersome. And I pray that each one feels like a fool when Becky returns home, safe and sound, happy as can be after meeting the man she loves. Knowing humans as I do, however, makes me believe that they will find some way of ruining a good thing.

I need to get out of here and get some rest. With any luck, I'll be seeing my PCP tomorrow, and high blood pressure from being irritated won't look good.

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Nefidean said...

Here's one person you don't have to worry about. :3 I'm actually happy about this, you too sound real good together. Then there's the talking part, but I was ecstatic with any one who isn't Monkey Boy.

I will be calling lots but not for the same reasons as others. Feel free to tell me I'm being a pest.