Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The best way to show one's love... to wait until your partner is asleep, sneak into the bathroom, and violently toss your cookies.

That was me last night, and the best we could think of was that I ate something that simply didn't agree with my stomach. There was almost no other explanation. Becky's initial response was that she wanted to run into the bathroom and try to aid me in some way. But in all honesty, what could she do? Sit beside me, rubbing my back while I brought up G-d knows what? Ummm...No. That might help on a psychological level if the vomiting were going on for a while, but just the one time? Nuh uh.

And as I said, there was ALMOST no other explanation. I, ummm...Well, diabetic neuropathy can have numerous bad effects, including certain autonomic functions that make having a girlfriend a lot (Since this is a genuine problem, and one that entirely too many men are too embarrassed to discuss, I have no real issue bringing it up. It's not something to make fun of, even if the commercials make it seem...well, they make the situation comedic. It's just not funny to those of us with the problem.) I got prescriptions for the meds that are most common to battle E.D., and...well, the one I've been taking was immediately suspect to my stomach issues.

Today, back at the trailer to do a bit of laundry, I hopped online to research side effects. I only filled one prescription, and have two others. The one I had was being scrutinized as the possible culprit of my vomiting last night, but I wasn't so sure about that. I mean, I'd been taking it since Becky arrived. I hadn't had any stomach upset before. So what, pray tell, was going on?

The verdict at this time is some microwaveable food we brought back to the motel. I'd had it before, no problem. But this time it just didn't agree with me. For all I know, it's actually one more issue pertaining to neuropathy, as it can cause such issues.

But those meds. Dear Lord, they're scary! Researching the side effects, it seems they're almost not worth taking. One of them, which I have not filled, listed the following as possible side effects in extreme cases: bleeding in the lungs, bleeding in the brain, sudden death. SUDDEN DEATH IS A SYMPTOM?!? I want to know what drunken crackhead actually put it into those precise words. "Sudden death" is not a symptom; it's a rather bad and permanent state of nonexistence.

Of course, my research did explain something that I'd been willing to attribute to being somewhat older and out of shape. Nope. All of the muscle aches I've been having are side effects that are experienced by 4% of patients taking the medication I was using. By stopping its use, I should be in better shape relatively soonish...I hope.

As for the activities that such meds would allow Becky and I to engage in...? Becky made it clear that that was not the reason why she came out here. She came here to see me, not

And so the visit goes on. We have been debating as to whether or not she should actually stay until Monday, instead of leaving early Sunday morning. I want her to have a full day back home before returning to work. To have her get home late on the day before she works doesn't seem like a good idea.

So...Yeah. That's the update today. With luck, I won't be showing her my love in the same fashion for the remainder of her visit.

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