Friday, May 14, 2010

The Neverending Hug

Well, Becky is drawing at the moment, and I've decided to add a bit more detail about the very moment we met.

As I said, she called when she was approaching her exit on I-70, and that we didn't hang up until she saw me waiting for her outside the trailer. Well...

Becky and I were all smiles. As I've said, I was awaiting for the whole plan to fall apart. Her mother would INSIST she turn around...or - G-d forbid - there would be a terrible car accident...or a plane would try to land on Becky's car, crushing it and her in the process. Now that she was pulling up, my numerous dreams of the last few weeks were FINALLY coming true.

We weren't even able to get away from the car. She opened the door, stood up, and we embraced. And it seemed that once we had one another to hold, neither wanted to let go. Now, I had tried to forewarn Becky that I might very well start crying once she was here...and there I was, fighting to keep the tears from rolling. Becky even added, "Don't start crying...because if you do, I'll end up joining you."

It's just...I didn't want that moment to end. I knew there would be many more moments ahead of us where we'd get to hold one another plenty...but this had only been a dream up until that moment. And when a dream finally becomes reality, you don't want to return to "the real world." If that happens, there's a chance the waking dream could be undone, and I didn't want to face that reality.

What's funny is that, as we stood there, arms locked around one another, a little thought passed through my head: We really should move so she can shut the car door. We're killing her battery. Lost in a truly romantic moment, and that's what goes through my head? I need help.

From there, much of the evening was spent being very "touchy-feely." For me, it's been 10 years since I've truly enjoyed the loving touch of a woman. For Becky...Well, no boyfriend of the past has ever treated her the way I treat her. In fact, when we awoke staring at one another, we talked, and I was flabbergasted that she has been denied the level of affection that I dish out. Honestly, I want to know if she's even been dating members of the human race.

Oh, but an extra bit of fun at this very moment. DAN has called. Becky finally told him where she is and why she came to KS, and he's currently laying into her. I've been pleading for her to hand me the phone, but she's refused thus far. She wouldn't even let me snore into the phone and say, "Dan, you're boring the crap out me me. Go away." Really, this is the second time he's called while she's here, and it's starting to feel like he's stalking her. And if someone is going to stalk my girlfriend like this...

Oh, that's right! Got some news. Becky and I are now OFFICIALLY a couple. I asked her out, and she agreed...but only after a lengthy internal argument with...Oh, who am I kidding? It took her a split-second to say yes. =P

The thing is that Dan is out of control. He just made every effort to make Becky feel as though she's done something wrong, and she hasn't. I even reviewed it with her, asking her to tell me EXACTLY what it was that she did wrong.

Becky: Well, I followed his advice and pursued someone else that I was interested.
Me: Right. He told you that was okay, so you still haven't done anything that's wrong. What else?
Becky: I canceled the trip to Puerto Rico at the last minute.
Me: After he started becoming psychotic. That was probably one of the smartest moves of your life, and no reason to feel bad. What else?
Becky: I've only been giving him half-truths.
Me: No, you've been withholding information from him that's none of his damn business.
Becky: There's also the fact that I never know what will set him off.
Me: See? He's like your ex. And you don't need that. So the final verdict is that you've done nothing wrong.

Becky is just too sweet at times. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, despite the fact that even inaction could have exactly that result. Dan has basically lost his mind. I don't trust him at all, and neither does Becky. What she should do is block him from her life and be done with him, but that still remains her choice.

Meanwhile, I managed to get a promise from Becky. She and I share the outlook that "a promise made is a promise kept." The next time Dan calls, *I* will be answering. Then he and I will have a little chat. And if he can't learn to behave himself with my girlfriend, he will be blocked out from her life, and that will be the end of it.

Enough about Monkey Boy. Back to our post already in progress.

Becky hasn't encountered someone like me when it comes to romance, and this has left her wondering what the heck she's been doing wrong in life. We're told that we have multiple options when it comes to romance, but it's the opportunities that seem to be less frequent. Those infrequent choices for her have left her with some of the dumbest males on the planet. I mean, really...Becky finds the level pf physical affection I show ON AVERAGE to be an anomaly. And it shouldn't feel that way! It should be the norm. of my goals this upcoming week is to make her feel more loved than her entire life. I want her to realize that she is powerful and strong as a person, and that the only way she can be made to feel she's done something wrong is if she LETS people make her feel that way.

Be well, all. =)

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Nefidean said...

" of my goals this upcoming week is to make her feel more loved than her entire life." -Rob.

Nope, Sorry, that job's taken. How ever feel free to do the whole stand up for your self goal. I've seemed to fail at that one. Good Luck, she is stubborn. :3

I also want to say I am sooooo happy for the two of you. I really am.