Monday, June 28, 2010

Apologies to everyone

I already know what everyone is going to say. "It's okay, Rob. You don't need to apologize. We understand." Except that my personal need to apologize isn't quelled by your acceptance. It's a part of my nature to say I'm sorry, even if it's not necessarily my fault that certain things happen. It should be old hat to some of you. It's my patented apology/explanation.

Who am I apologizing to? Becky, Ray, Cody, and all the folks who went to the GitP meet-up.

I've been blogging fairly steadily of late. Thus, readers will know of my tooth pull, my arm surgery, and my coming leg surgery. I just missed a few details along the way.

Like the infection that settled into my mouth after the tooth pull. I was given penicillin afterward, and it did NOTHING. Well, nothing good, like fight infection. There was pain in my mouth, which extended to my cheek, and even up to my eye. It hurt to blink! So I started taking antibiotics I have on hand for staph infections, and suddenly I'm getting better. Don't ask me how someone gets a staph infection in his mouth; I never understood how I got a staph infection in my kidney all those years ago. Still, my body is not recovering from surgery, a tooth pull, a serious infection...and is continuing to suffer under the pain from a need that requires repair.

As a result, I want to rest. I'm asleep at crazy hours, and awake at crazier hours. There doesn't seem to be any schedule to it. I'm awake one moment, and the next I don't seem to be able to hit my bed fast enough.

So yesterday evening, I was chatting with Becky when I told her I needed to get away from the computer for a bit. I laid down with a book...and fell asleep. I didn't wake until around 10:20 or 10:45, when she should've asleep. I was very upset that I didn't get to say goodnight or the like.

Then there's Cody and Ray, who've been trying to get me out of my room to join them in the living room to watch this or that. I'm fairly anti-social to begin with. But now that I seem to be recovering from EVERYTHING, it seems impossible to drag me from my cave to sit and watch a movie...

...Y'know what? I take back my apology from Cody. Totally taking it back. Die, bastard...DIE! I was sitting here, typing away, and I paused to stretch. Because my door is open, he snuck in and was silently standing behind me. I was stretching...and he reached out and tickled my ribs. It's not that I'm tickling, but the mere fact that he touched me and made some nonsense noise at the same time. Scared the living daylights out of me. So, no apology for you, Cody.

Finally, there are my friends from GitP with whom I tried to schedule a Skype call. With everything that's been going on, I kinda forgot I was trying to get that done. Heck, I forgot to ,ake a regular call to them. In the end, it was a rushed call to Smellie Hippie to explain. in which everyone shouted, "Hello Bor!" It was nothing like my two calls during the meet-ups before, and generally disappointing. I made a weak joke, "Next time in Jerusalem," which is a typical Jewish wish that we should all meet in the Holy Land next year, but altered it afterward to, "Next year in Johnson City."

Things just aren't going the way I'd like them to. I know I don't need to apologize for being ill, but as I said earlier, it's my nature. I'm sorry I've been unexpectedly dropping from commitments and forgetting that some of them are even in place. Perhaps after I've been repaired as much as possible, I'll be better at the stuff that makes me me.

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