Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm a lucky guy

Know why I say that? Because my girlfriend is EXTREMELY understanding of my issues. It could easily be otherwise, but I have been blessed.

An example of this would be yesterday, late afternoon. Becky and I were chatting, fiddling around with City of Heroes and World of Warcraft, when I seemingly "ran out of spoons." (You didn't read the last post, did you?) I went from being okay to being unable to lay down fast enough. There are now two reasons why this could happen.

The first is psychological, and I believe I've written about this. It's as though my mind simply can't handle reality as it is, and seeks an unconscious state where anything else is possible. If this is the case, I prefer my brain staying on course and allow me to dream happy dreams. Instead, my psych issues then take the wildly improbable forms of nightmares. Like becoming the new cast member on the show "Bones" and foolishly chase after a serial killer, only to find out he's not working alone, and they're in the process of successfully killing me when I wake. (Thanks, psyche!)

The other is physical. Arm surgery 12 days ago, and a tooth removed last week...My body has been screaming for rest. What's more, joy of joys, I think the mouth part is infected, despite taking antibiotics faithfully. Mind you, the only sign of infect I had was the night of the pull, and my temp was only 99.1. (Another half a degree and I would have been two degrees above my norm.) After that, all has been normal. Still, minor pain from the tooth, and pain from the arm, even with painkillers...These things tax the body. Rest is needed. And when my body wants rest, it usually doesn't leave me much choice in the matter.

Becky has been wonderful about such things. Much better than I am. I mean, I've accepted certain aspects of my life. I was okay with all of it until she came along. Now I'm always concerned that being who and what I am, with such things being reality instead of merely words of warning, will make her run. Instead, she remains rooted in my existence, and I'm deliriously happy about that.

What also makes me a lucky guy is her and I practically existing on the same page in almost everything we do. Sometimes we plan things to show our solidarity...Like when we're on City of Heroes. We'll wait until a crowd has gathered, coordinate ourselves on Skype, and then enact a dramatic costume change, with thunder and lightning to draw attention to ourselves. That one never gets old. But then we were playing World of Warcraft the other day, both using palAdins, ( =P ) when we activated the same power at the same time, neither of us communicating we were going to do it. We got a good laugh out of that.

Setting aside games, we are often contemplating the future, and we seem to come together on that as well. So far, we have the following planned:

1: Sometime in the next ten and a half months, I'll be asking her to marry me. (Only one woman could steal me away, and Ms. Halle Berry isn't returning my calls. =P )
2: Becky will start nursing school during the next Spring semester of college. (Living arrangements are still being discussed.)
3: Come the end of the semester, as long as most of my major medical issues have reached a level of being status quo, she will drive out to Kansas and move me back to her place. The "blissfully living in sin" will begin.
4: The current plan calls for her to finish school before we're wed. This means, at bare minimum, another years and a half before we're married. I have foolishly volunteered to let her practice putting in IVs on me. If I stop posting suddenly, it's probably because I bled to death. =P
5: The debate goes on as to HOW we'll be joined. We're pretty certain a Justice of the Peace will have to do it, as we're of different religious backgrounds. The debate is whether or not we do a whole ceremony with a reception afterward, or do we elope and flee to our honeymoon as swiftly as possible.
6: At the mere mention of where I'd like to go on our honeymoon, Becky was in instant agreement. DISNEY WORLD! I want to go on as many rides (that won't kill me) as possible, as well as spend some time at Epcot Center and Universal Studios, Florida. And since this is two years away, all of my followers can start saving up now so we can afford such a trip. =P
7: Becky will establish her career before we start trying to have kids. Let's all try to keep this one in mind when, in about a year, I come back on to announce she and I are having a baby!

So, yeah...I'm EXTREMELY lucky to have Becky in my life.

Also under the category of luck, if one wants to call it luck, it turns out I have no sutures to remove. All of the stitching is internal and will dissolve over time. The only thing that makes this UNlucky is the fact that I pull on these interior sutures when I try various things. I need to be careful until they're gone.

And that's it from my end of the world, folks. My last words are a request. I'm not sure if people are reading this blog anymore. Sure, I know a few are, but all 19 of my "followers?" I don't thinks so. If you don't leave a comment, I would appreciate you checking the happy little boxes that let you vote on said posts. Just knowing I'm not writing to a mere four people would be nice, y'know?

Be well, all! =)

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Nefidean said...

If I have anything to say about weddings and such, there will be no eloping unless Nefi can come with you. My sister's not getting married with out me! No sir!

However feel free to ditch me like an old nasty cat as soon as the wedding is over. If you need any tips for Disney ask Luppy as he has been there a million of times and still wont take me to proper Disney. (Ghetto Disney wasn't bad though.)