Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Battle of MY Wounded Knee

It's kind of like the Battle at Wounded Knee, except there were so soldiers, no great amount of bloodshed, and my fight is a lot more recent that 1890. reality, it's NOTHING like the Battle of Wounded Knee.

The pain I experienced after surgery was worse than arthrospies I've had on my left knee. Oh, this was MUCH worse. I also had a mild rise in body temp, 99.5, which hospitals don't even consider a fever. They should really try explaining that to my body, because I had severe chills that made me quake. And the pain in my knee was so bad that I alternated betweem simply moaning to bawling like a baby.

I did what I could to ease the pain. I tried elevating the leg. Didn't work. I tried to use a cold compress. Didn't work. Thinking the bandages were too thick for the cold to penetrate, I removed only SOME of them, but never exposing the cuts made in my knee, and then applied the cold pack. Didn't work. I tried to distract myself by chatting with Becky. Didn't work. The written instructions from the surgical center said to call my doctor if the pain was beyond my medication's ability to handle. I discovered he doesn't even have an answering service.

By 9:00 PM, I was done. With permission from Cody, Ray used his minivan to get me to the hospital. I was still crying and quaking, and I was seen right away. I asked for a hundred shots of local anesthesia to numb me, but the doc said that wasn't a good idea. I then asked if a nerve block was possible. He said they can't do things like that in the ER. But what he DID do was order 4 mg. of Dilotted to be injected IM. (T Hat's intra-muscular, for those who don't know.) Two painful shots in the arm later, and I was on my way home.

Dilotted is VERY strong stuff. I was still in pain, but not nearly as bad. And when it came time to sleep, I was able to slip into unconsciousness with ease.

But to give you an idea of how bad this pain was, I considered some things I wouldn't normally do. The mere fact I was willing to have a steroid cocktail injected into me to block some of the pain is an example. Those steroids would have done bad things to my blood sugars. I didn't care; I wanted relief. I also considered taking one of my pain pills, washing off the time-release coating, dry it, then crush it into a fine power to snort. Mind you, I only know this as rumor, but supposedly the medication's effect is that much stronger when taken that way. That's how desperate I was.

Amazingly, I got plenty of sleep. I awoke shortly after 9:00 AM and called the surgeon immediately. I followed up around two hours later when I heard nothing from them. Then, right around noon, I was told the doctor wanted to see me this afternoon.

I learned a few things while I was there. Like the fact that the tear in my meniscus was a big one. There were also signs of arthritis on the knee cap, and he trimmed some of that down. Once again, a nerve block wasn't available to me. The only answer the doc could think to do was throw more pills at the problem.

I think I've described percocet in the past. t's a combination of oxycodone and Tylenol. My thought was that the doc write a prescription of the percs and I would split them. I'd take a half tablet, and if that didn't work, take the other half. But apparently that kind of thinking should be saved for amateur hour. The doc prescribed straight oxycodone, and told me to take FOUR every six hours.

I didn't. I took two just before starting his post, and they're kicking in BIG TIME! And mt theory about narcotic meds is practically being proven. My knee still hurts...I just don't CARE that it hurts.

At least I have some kind of relief. And with that said, sitting on my bed and squinting at the screen isn't easy. I'm going to lie down and rest.

Be well, all.

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