Monday, July 26, 2010

The first rule of closed beta testing... that you don't talk about closed beta testing. Which is really annoying, because I'm in a closed beta with a lot of cool stuff, and I can't tell anyone but those that are already in it. And since they're already in it, telling them would just be silly.

But even sillier is this particular closed beta testing and how people came to be in it. You see, to gain access to this test, people had to be active members of a particular MMO between certain dates. By doing so, these people were awarded an achievement that they could not only publicly display, but that people just looking at their information could see if it WASN'T displayed. The whole world inside the game knows that those with this badge of honor will be invited to the closed beta. And yet the penalty for saying you're in the closed beta is to be given the boot and never invited to beta test again.

Say it with me, folks. "Huh?"

So here I am, withholding all the nifty things I COULD be telling you about the closed beta, all for the illusion that it's a secret. Everyone pretty much knows it's going on. Everyone can tell everyone else in the game by setting themselves up to have the achievement floating over their heads. But we can't discuss it. It's all very silly.

When it becomes open beta, IF it becomes open beta, I'll be able to tell you all of the nifty things I've been playing with. But until then, you'll just have to assume I'm on one of the half dozen closed betas out there at this moment.

In other news, I did what I said I would do and set myself up for PT. The reminder I set in my phone was, "Call for PT or Becky will kill you." A completely false statement, but I'm sure she would have given me quite the talking to if I failed to get moving on it today.

And that's all I got. Be well, all.

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